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Monday, January 18, 2010

write a letter or blog you'll feel better....

Writing letters to the editor or maintaining a blog is an inexpensive way to vent your feelings. Call it therapy. One can write a letter or blog and get something off their chest. It's like having psychotherapy with the whole world watching.

While people offer their opinions and air their dirty laundry, it is quite entertaining. In fact, I have been told by many that the editorial page is their favorite page of this paper. If you are visiting another city and wish to get a feel for it, visit the local paper's editorials and letters. That'll put you in touch.

I wish to thank all of you who read my blogs and letters of mine and allowing me the opportunity to air my dirty laundry and share my therapy with everyone who reads this column. It's a win-win situation; we the people can whine about this and that, praise a thing or two, offer our opinions on anything from weedblowers to the Superferry to the police chief, GMOs, monkeypod trees, and on and on. In return we get published, we get blogged and feel accomplished.

If you have never written a letter or blogged with an opinion, try it, you'll like it! It's cheaper than a visit to the psychiatrist's office

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