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Friday, January 8, 2010

Obsessed with my dog...

People are obsessed with my dog. these are true stories;
My dog travels with me along side my bike or is in the basket on the handlebars,but none the less is my constant companion.(hence the term, man's best friend) A lady is driving screaming out her window that I shouldn't run my dog, it may have a heart attack, I yell back it's really none of your business, and little to her knowledge my dog is part miniature greyhound, (these dogs are bred to run) she gets irate and almost has an accident, her and her dogs are both obese, there the ones that are more prone to a heart attack. All this because my dog is having the time of her life.

Another woman on the pedestrian trail screams to me, I should not use a choke chain on my dog, all this while her dogs are dragging her along the trail, at least my dog heals on command.
Just last week a man comes up to me and says I have his dog, he proceeds to grab my dog, telling me I stole his dog, I had to grab my own dog back from a man twice my weight and strength and run for my life.
I do not understand the fascination with my dog, she never even won a Nobel Peace prize, although it could be because I named her Obama!


Sneezer222 said...

She's such a cutie, I can see why people want to love her up. And I know you are a very good dog owner who would never hurt your baby. I'm really missing having a dog right now, but even with weekly visits to the humane society we just havent' found the right one.

KimoRosen said...

McGrehgor your the only who figured out how to post a comment? can you tell me what you did, did you need to register or what? people comment to my emails, but not to my blog :D(