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Friday, January 8, 2010

The check out counter...

Every time I go to a particular grocery store I need to calculate the cost of my items before checking out. I usually only buy 1-4 items per grocery visit, so I can figure out in my head what my total cost will be.
I always find a mistake in my favor, How many people must buy $100-$200 worth of groceries and wind up paying 10% or more and really have no recourse?
This particular franchised store rings up the non-sale price and is suppose to deduct any sale or discount coupons at the end. By limiting your items you can watch the register.
.Pay attention, even bring a small calculator with you to the grocery store. It will pay for itself in a very short time. In these tight economic times, watch your checker and don't be afraid to tell them they made a mistake.
They usually don't argue and with a smile on their face they will apologize, but behind their breath, I believe they are thinking, "ba humbug, "bummer we got caught.

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