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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Stop this foolishness already...

They say it's a local thing lighting fireworks on New years eve for hours leading into the New Year. I say it's a stupid thing.
The smoke, the noise at late hours, next door neighbors blasting fireworks with smoke permeating through many homes. It's the much dis-respectful custom I have witnessed since moving to the islands.

In the Philippines they light fireworks to scare away evil spirits, here on Kauai the drunks and party animals are making noise not for a spiritual reason but just because it's dakine. Every year, people loose limbs from detonating fireworks, people suffer from asthma and other breathing difficulties and are rushed to emergency, 911 is over burdened with calls, and there are too many fires to even report.

Stop this foolishness already and leave fireworks displays to the professionals in a safe environment.

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