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Sunday, February 28, 2010

"Tsunami watch, next time let me sleep..."

The news media is so competitive these days, every network with it's own local news, plus all the different cable news stations form MSNBC on the left, to Fox on the right and CNN in between.

There was an earthquake in Chile, on friday 02-26-10, Hawaii was told there is a chance a Tsunami tidal wave may arrive within 14 hours..

Nobody slept, the media was in a frenzy for all the young whipper snapper news-anchors to become famous, nobody wanted to admit that since the sea's were calm, the chances of a tidal wave were very minute, instead they made it sound like Revelations and the end of times.

Friends calling at 2:00 am, neighbors knocking on doors at 4:00, AM , "get out there's a tsunami coming," and cops evacuating sea level homes to higher grounds.

All the evacuee's, decided to come to where I live as a safe place to hide out, since I have an ocean view upon a hill overlooking the ocean, over 300 cars were literally parked in my back yard, it looked like a tailgate party, people setting up tents and partying with pizza, beer, poke and many other local grindz in hopes of viewing a mass destructive tidal wave as cheap entertainment  during this recession.

Finally at 11;00 AM the ETA for the tidal wave, the news anchors start saying that maybe the tidal wave is behind schedule and this could take another couple days, stay tuned to this station and it's sponsors for more details....chi ching chi ching...

Finally our Mayor Bernard Carvalho around 2:15 PM decided to lift the tidal wave watch to the dismay of every news anchor person in the state of Hawaii.

I can't knock it, it was a good dress rehearsal, a fire-drill so to speak,for the future which is bound to carry some more disasters.

The Tsunami watch is over, It was media overkill but still got the adrenaline going in this old fart and at least most everyone got to talk story with their neighbors.

Please let me sleep next time a tsunami comes our way.


Sneezer222 said...

I'm glad it came to nothing, and that everyone took it seriously. Hopefully they will take it seriously next time too.

Glad you were safe and sound!

KimoRosen said...

McGregor, I only blog for you, nobody else responds... Your very kind!