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Monday, March 1, 2010

All have life, love and spirit

All have life, love and spirit

“Haole,” as I was taught by a famous Hawaiian kumu, means without the breath of life and spirit.

The “ha” in “haole” is the same “ha” as in aloha, meaning the breath of life and spirit; aloha is the breath of life and love; “haole” is without the breath of life, love and spirit.

Calling a Caucasian person a haole is the equivalent of calling a black person the “N”-word.

Most times “haole” is used in a derogatory way, as in traffic, saying things as that “frickin haole” or in long lines at the supermarket or when a white skinned person asks any dumb question they are “haole.” In essence anyone could be a “haole” since “haole” does not mean white-skinned-person-from-the-Mainland, it means “without the breath of life, love and spirit.” Any person white, black, Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Portuguese or even Hawaiian could be “haole” (without spirit).

Imus the radio talk show host was  fired from his syndicated radio talk show for making racist remarks about blacks. Michael Richards who played “Kramer” on “Seinfeld” made racist remarks about blacks with the use of the N-word. Richards was reprimanded, punished and formally apologized to the black community. Mel Gibson made racist remarks about the Jews and was made to apologize to the Jewish community.

Referring to somebody as a “haole” (without spirit), is the same as referring to them as a dumb frickin idiot. Any person who uses the word “haole” is a “haole.”

“Haole” is one word that should be deleted from the Hawaiian language

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