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Monday, February 15, 2010

what is a superferry?...

I have written many articles in support of the Hawaii superferry. What many people do not realize, when I first heard of the superferry around 6 years ago during it's inception with media coverage all about a superferry, I thought the superferry was a man who liked another man.
I was educated that the superferry was a state of the art catamaran ferry boat that would travel and commute between the tropical Hawaiian islands.

I have come to realize why so many people were against the superferry, these are the same people against same sex marriage and civil unions.

I am reaching out to tell everyone that this is not so, not that's there's anything wrong with it, we all need to mind our own business and if someone wants to be a superferry or travel on a superferry so be it.


Anonymous said...

stupid, buiut I posted it anyway, me.

Anonymous said...

stupid, but I posted anyway. James Kimo Rosen