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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dog’ is a haole...

Dog’ is a haole

Let’s face it, Duane Chapman’s moniker is “Dog.” Duane is the star of the reality show, "Dog the bounty Hunter."

He certainly lives up to his name.

“Dog” the Bounty Hunter is an entertaining television show. Sure, he is a bigot, sure, he is a butthole, sure, he is a mother-you-know-what, but he is the “Dog” … a dirtbag that is entertaining to watch.

He called his son’s black girlfriend the “N” word many times in a private phone conversation to his son. He also refers to Caucasian people as “haole,” including himself. My belief is “haole” is as derogative as the “N” word. Haole means without spirit, without the breath of life. I believe Dog is without spirit and the breath of life, therefore he is a haole. It’s ironic, a black can call another black the “N” word and nobody blinks, but, God forbid, a non black uses the “N” word and it’s like they have committed murder.

Haole to me is the white equivalent of the “N” word. I choose to use neither (exception in this blog), however if Dog can refer to himself as haole, let the entertainer be. After all he is “da kine.”

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