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Monday, March 15, 2010

The Irony...

There are plans in action to close statewide over 50 Department of Human service's and Med-Quest locations and to cut the staff by more than half.

How ironic that many of the workers that work with so many people in need , now will become the people in need themselves. The welfare worker may soon become the recipient.

This is a time that Human services are needed more than ever in our state's history.

People are hungry, food banks are being depleted as quick as food comes in and every week there is a new list of foreclosures that the banks do not want to deal with.

Food stamps and Medicaid are in more demand now than ever, people loosing jobs, means they loose their medical insurance, people being furloughed means they may need 'EBT'(food stamps)

This is all planned to taker place this coming July. During these recessed times we need all 50 department's of Human services to stay open, the department is already on a furloughed scheduled as is.

I feel in lieu of downsizing Human service's at a time when Human services are needed more than ever, that state worker's with six figure or more income's need to take pay cuts.

The first state pay cut should come at the coaching position of University of Hawaii Head Football Coach Greg McMackin since he is the highest paid employee in the state, he makes approximately one million dollars a year, if the state cut his salary in half, he would still be one of the highest paid employee's in the state of Hawaii.

First School furloughs, now 50 Med quest and Human services offices will be shut down.

For the welfare of the Aloha state it's time for those with abundance's of wealth to become hero's and the obvious be done by all of us to contact our elected officials and plead to get priorities straight.

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