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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"Spare tire..."

Computers have become a way of life for most people and I am no exception.

My computer hard drive crashed and I was at a loss since every morning it’s a routine along with my cup of Joe to read The Garden Island online and check e-mails.

I took my computer to three people and no one wanted to work on it. One person said they could fix it for $150. I can buy a refurbished like-new computer for $114 online, so I did.

In the meantime I tried working on the computers at the library, but every time I went to work there, I had a mom with a crying baby right next to me or a person who did not bathe on the other side of me.

I decided after 10 years I would pull my old Web TV unit out of storage and connect it to my TV.

Web TV never crashes, it’s just a terminal box with all technical data at the server’s location, so I was able to sign up for free service for 30 days while awaiting my new computer.

Web TV sure makes for a great spare tire.

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