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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

local talk...

I have not gone to a sit down restaurant in over 2 years, because of the poor service in general with wait staff at every restaurant I have been to on kauai and to out of sight prices.

I have found that the local grinds eateries like number one BBQ & Chinese Restaurant in Kapa'a next to Kojima some of the best chinese local food on the island. For $5.99 including tax you get a two entree plate with fried rice or chowmein, or you can go half and half, with 12 buffet items to choose, coconut shrimp and shoyu chicken are amongst the best.

They also have an extensive menu besides the buffet line. Food is excellent, portions are generous, price is remarkable and the girls behind the counter treat everyone with the same aloha, no prejudice.

There is outdoor and indoor dining, seating is spacious so your not right on top of one another, and if you want to bring your own beer or wine no problem, and best of all no need to tip, although there is a tip jar at the register.

There is a reason that the Number one restaurant is called number one. broke da mout, wop da jaw for dakine Number One.

(note; to all people not understanding "Hawaii pidgin"  (broke da mout and wop da jaw) means delicious!
"dakine" means anything, it's a wild card word. )

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Sneezer222 said...

You made my tummy growl!