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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Whichever G-d it be...

Whichever G-d it be

Religion is a system of faith and worship of a God or Gods.

Every religion believes there’s to be the one that is right and spiritually closest to G-d, whoever their God may be.

Christians have many denominations including non denominations, and every denomination  from 'Methodist,' 'Seven-day Adventist,' 'Mormon,' 'Baptist,' 'The Unitarian's,'  'Lutheran,' 'Assembly of Gods' and the 'Evangelistic' all believe their Christian beliefs are better and the only way.

The Jewish faith has 'Reform,' Conservative,' 'Re-constructive,' 'Orthodox,' 'Messianic' and 'Chassidic;' all of them believe they are more correct than the other.

Muslims have their beliefs and obviously they believe they are the one and only.

One does not need a building with four walls to go and worship. Money can buy a house of worship but not a relationship with the “divine” one.

Come judgment day I believe all of us are going to be in for a rude awakening when we approach our G-d and say, “Oh that’s what you meant L-rd.”

Note- (Many Jewish people do not spell out God, since God is so divine that spelling God is actually a sin, therefore it is spelled as G-d)

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