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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Home for the parkless...

Home for the parkless

This past Sunday I was walking through Lydgate Park for some exercise and stretching.

While I was there I observed many local families with tents pitched, cheap $20 grills from Wal-Mart barbecuing their favorite grinds, drinking beer, wine and soft drinks, smoking ganja, hammock in the trees, using the public showers and restrooms, swimming, playing frisbee and just talkin’ story and relaxin’.

I find it ironic that these people who work all week, on the weekend flock to the park, leave their expensive homes to live the way the homeless live full time.

The reason people work is so during their time off they can live like the homeless. Maybe these people can surrender their homes to the needy on the weekends, since the people with money want to live like the homeless, why not let the homeless live like people with money.


Sneezer222 said...

Good idea! Of course I like to go to the park on the weekdays, so it's not all crowded.

Last year one of my friends blogged a picture every single day. I think that was a LOT harder than it sounds. But I sure enjoyed her posts, and I always enjoy yours too.

KimoRosen said...

Mahalos sneezer, I appreciate all your comments, and thanks to everyone who leaves a comment on facebook too. The comments are good, since some day, I may include the good comments in a blog book...