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Monday, March 8, 2010

Click it or ticket...

Click it or ticket

The national and state campaign of “Click it or Ticket” is strictly implemented for financial reasons. They say they enforce it to help save lives.

Seatbelts have actually taken lives many times, trapping people in their cars and not being able to escape.

I used to live on O‘ahu and now live on the beautiful Garden Island of Kaua‘i.

Bus is my primary means of transportation on O‘ahu or Kaua‘i. The only person ever wearing a seatbelt on the bus is the driver.

Why is “Click it or ticket” not enforced on buses? Because most people on the bus are not carrying drivers’ licenses and it would be too time-consuming to issue tickets.

Let’s face it, Hawai‘i and the nation is over-populated, do you really think our government is trying to save our lives or just trying to make a buck?

The campaign should read: “Don’t click it, we want your money.”

1 comment:

Sneezer222 said...

Supposedly the busses are made to help stop the impact damage. I don't know though. I still would wear my seatbelt even if there wasn't a law.