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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hotel rates...

Hotel rates

The Garden Island Paper stated that the average price of a hotel room on Kaua‘i is $180 per night! (Oy vay)

Wow! With $180 I could go to Wal-Mart and buy a tent, ($35) sleeping bag ($9.95), air mattress ($2.67), backpack ($19.95), bicycle ($69.00) candles ($3), cooking utensils ($5), portable stove with butane cartridge $9.95 and still have $12.00 left.

You could stay in the tent as long as you want. Every night after one night you would save $180.00, so if you camped out 11 days you would save $1,800.00 in hotel bills.

Be creative there are many places to pitch tents and live a free lifestyle. (I did)) Riding a bicycle you would save on car rentals and gasoline and see the Island unstressed and save another $50 a day.

The visitors would then feel the mana of the Aina and know and learn true aloha. It's not just the huge savings it's the experience that will make you.

Upon leaving the Island they could donate their camping gear and bicycles to needy families and of course write it off.


Sneezer222 said...

It's funny, around here I camp a lot, in the rain, the snow, whatever. I love it.

But if I went to Hawaii, I wouldn't even THINK about it. I mean, I know it would be enjoyable, it just isn't something I would think about ahead of time.

Thanks to you though I will think on it now. We want to take the kids sometime, and I would try and plan at least a short camping trip. They would love it.

remamurphy said...

Great idea. And that vacation would stay with you for a lifetime....