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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

We are all slaves...

One of Websters online dictionary's definition on slavery is, "The state of being under the control of another person:"

Anybody who works for another person is basically a slave if they are taking orders from another person regularly. If an employee is told what to do, when they can eat, when they can break, when they can go home, and are told what their duties are is slavery according to Webster.

Marriage is a form of slavery, you are under the control of another, a husband being under the control of a wife, a wife being under the control of a husband. Most people enjoy being controlled in somme way.

Slavery is only a word, and like the road of life & spirit there are many paths and many meanings...

The folks that are upset over the slavery issue are most likely the ones under the control of others and feel they need to defend not being slaves.

 We are all slaves, even the self employed wealthy entrepreneur, he, (she) is a slave to himself, herself and trying to please everyone. we are all slaves to ourselves, our business, or significant other.

 Most people are stuck in a materialistic world that enslaves them, a mortgage, car payments, gas, insurance, taxes... According to Webster  we are all slaves in some way, even the president of America.

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