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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"Why not lead by example.."

Hawaii's newly elected governor Abercrombie is off to a rough start.

Do you think our governor was thinking about the state budget when he quit his job as a Hawaii congressman? Quitting cost the taxpayers 670,000 since a special election was required. If Neil had waited until August, no special election would had been required since his replacement could had been on the ballot for the November election with everything else.

Neil is now asking state workers to take a pay cut and has said he is going to cut Medicare and medicaid benefits to the poor. He spoke of a soda pop tax during his recent state of the state address. What's next taxing every food item separately depending on it's nutritional value?

While campaigning Neil made everything sound simple, he said he'd been in Washington many years and knows how to get federal monies, no worries about anything was his attitude.

Mr. Governor, as the head of state why not lead by example, be the example for all politicians that are already financially set for life and be the ultimate public servant and either take a major pay cut or work for free yourself. A state lottery wouldn't be a bad idea either.

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