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Monday, March 28, 2011

"Solution for states economic tsunami..."

Governor Abercrombie Senate, congress , Mayors and county councils of the great cosmic state of Hawaii,

I think I have the solution for the state economic crisis.

When a company is hurting financially they can file for bankruptcy protection and can sometimes re-organize with court approved discounts by paying a lower amount for every dollar owed to a creditor. For instance sometimes the courts will order a business to pay 30 cents on the dollar with the concept that creditors get something in lieu of nothing if the company where to totally fold.

In the same essence, why doesn't the state of Hawaii just file for bankruptcy protection?

Here's the real million dollar idea. Just like there are fund raisers and people donate money for natural disasters like Katrina and the Japanese earthquake and Tsunami where millions can be collected.

Why not have a fundraiser for the states economic tsunami, it is a disaster too, just not a physical one but a disaster that effects every one's bank account. Let's do a state fundraiser for the economic Tsunami. Have musicians donate time and throw a concert , have bake sales, do what ever it takes to help the economic tsunami.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun, Kimo, but you don't fix a leaking dam by pumping more water into the reservoir.