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Monday, April 11, 2011

"You say you want a Revolution..?"

Why does America still have 50,000 troops in Germany, I thought we won that war over 50 years ago? Why does America still have 30,000 troops in Japan, I thought Japan is one of our best allies?

Imagine a dinner plate with a huge portion of 'Shoyu Chicken,' lets call the 'Shoyu Chicken,' 'Medicare.' Then there's a huge portion of 'Fried Rice,' let's call that 'Social Security,' next is a huge portion of 'Potato and Mac salad,' let's call that 'Defense.' On the dinner plate there are garnishes of parsley, radish, an olive and a orange slice that represent the programs like head start, planned parenthood, women's shelters, drug treatment facilities etc.

Our politicians are cutting the garnishes and not going into the entrees to balance the budget.

The biggest lie is that by not increasing taxes to the rich we will create more jobs by the rich investing into other business.

American needs to cut defense and tax the rich, one percent of Americans control 90% of the wealth and the richest corporations like General Electric pay no income tax.

The political system has gone to hell when Democrats and Republican can't even agree to what they dis-agree on.

We the people can no longer sit in front of our computers and televisions we need to stop this madness!

"You say you want a Revolution?" I do

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