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Friday, May 27, 2011

"Everyones been abused..."

The talk shows all interview celebrities with new books, it seems every celebrity who writes a book suddenly remembers some sort of sexual abuse while growing up, whether by a parent, sibling, uncle, cousin, or gym teacher.

They say in most cases sexual abuse is somebody the victim knows. A baby-sitter, a baseball coach, scout leader even the clergy are many times perpetrators of the such.

Thinking back on my childhood I can remember many instances that in these days may be construed as sexual abuse, but were in actuality just part of growing and being part of the human race.

My parents and many of your parents would be guilty in this day in age of child abuse if we were currently children.

If parents yell at their children, they are accused of verbal abuse, if they spank their children they are accused of physical abuse, and sometimes a simple hug may be interpreted as sexual abuse.

How many in my generation were spanked in public, or had the belt for punishment from their fathers? How many played doctor with their neighbors, "I'll show you mine if you show me yours?" How many played spin the bottle?

I remember my sister at age 16 going out with men in their 20's, of course with my parents approval.

Times were different back when, nowadays a teacher cannot even hug a student with fears the child will tell their parents and the parents interpret it as abuse and may ruin the teachers career.

Everyone is a victim these days, especially celebrities when it comes time to pitch their new books!

We have all either been physically, verbally or sexually abused. Next time you write a book, write a song or even blog, mention any kind of abuse and you are sure to prosper! I am hoping this blog  has many readers for the sheer reason it's about abuse.  ;D)

If all the abuses fail, you can always make up an addiction...

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