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Thursday, May 26, 2011

"Some good sh-t..."

My doctor told me he needed a stool sample to follow up on some blood work to see if some positive results are really positive.

 A sample of poop is the only true way to confirm. He proceeds to write the paper work and gives me a container to take to the diagnostic lab close to my home.

I collect a stool sample in an awkward urine sample container, it wasn't easy but I figured out how to do it, which I do not even want to write about.

The next day I walk to the diagnostic lab and couldn't wait to tell the technician behind the counter, "man have I got some good sh-t for you!" Back in the day that phrase was meant to mean marijuana, however in this case it really was sh-t.

I go to my backpack to find the container and realize I left it at home, I was freaking out. The woman tech calmed me down and said no worries, just leave your underwear. Of course she was joking, but I found it quite amusing in my hour of stress.

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