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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Keep your spirits up, Japanese people..!"

I lived in Japan for one year teaching English in 2002-2003, it was one of the best experiences of my life. I wrote a book of essays back in 2004 about my experiences in Japan, called "Planet Japan." (The book was self published and never became a bestseller, however I have a few copies left if anyone is interested. I still never recouped my printing bill so if anyone wants one, I will gift it to you.

(email me your address, I will send you the book, if you like and enjoy the book you can then send me a monetary gift to cover expenses.)

I fell in love with the people, culture and food and even had a hard time re-adjusting to America and it's rudeness.

The respect,honor and integrity of the Japanese people(nihon-jin) amazes me.

I suffered reverse culture shock and found myself not enjoying much of anything upon my return to America.

If I hadn't become sick I would be living in Japan today!

 Japan has been out of the news lately with all the news of Osama bin Laden but our neighbors disaster is ongoing and  they are still in danger of radiation exposure and the search for bodies continues.

 To all my ( Nihon-jin Tomodachi's) Japanese friends may G-d Bless your health,your families friends and a speedy recovery with plentiful food for all. AMEN!

Gambette Nihon-jin! (Keep your spirits up Japanese people!)

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