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Friday, May 20, 2011

" A sign of the Times..."

(*Editors note, The Island of Kauai was recently saddened with the sale of a local grocery chain named "Big Save," it was bought by anoither grocery chaiin named, "Times.")

'Big Save' Kapa'a is my favorite grocery store for numerous reasons and feel saddened that Times supermarkets will be taking over the Big Save chain of stores, commencing this coming July. I guess this is a sign of the "TIMES."

'Big Save' has the friendliest cashiers, when plastic was still available for bagging groceries the clerks would double bag me without even asking since they knew I ride a bike, and didn't want the bags to possibly break on the ride home.

I frequent the Kapa'a store since I never buy a lot of groceries at once, there's only so much one can haul on a bike, therefore I made it my business to check on an almost daily basis for red tag specials. There is usually yogurts marked down to between ten to fifty cents, 5 lb bricks of cheese for $1.00, Hebrew national hot-dogs for $1.00, Pillsbury quick bake muffing for $1.00, large packages of cold-cuts for 1.00 and just about any item that may be about about ready to expire is discounted on a daily basis.

I have walked out of that store with retail values of 80.00 that i purchase for less than 10.00. , hence the name "Big Save.!"

I hope Times will keep all the current employees and continue with the Big save tradition of Aloha, community and Big savings.

Hopefully this will be a smooth transition not only for Big Save employees but for the people that considered Big Save their Ohana. (family)

May Big Savings continue with the sign of the Times!

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