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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"Let's pick better enemies..."

Imagine being a man in your early twenties or late teens, at a time when your testosterone is at an all time high, on top of that being in the military and being on active combat duty makes for even a higher testosterone count. Now imagine being in Iraq or Afghanistan and being one of these men?

Compare this to the Vietnam war era, granted war sucks and testosterone is running high for numerous reasons, however when the soldiers were granted furlough they went to town and partied with good drugs and beautiful woman.

Where to our male soldiers go to release stress in the current middle east wars?

Given a furlough weekend what do they do, go to Tehran and try to pick up a beautiful woman in a Burqa?

Our men will soon wind up killing each other if we don't get out of Iraq and Afghanistan soon.

Nobody likes war but next time our country decides to fight someone, at least fight a society with good looking woman and woman who like to party. Let's pick better enemies next time around, maybe Brazil, Chile, or Italy would be good enemies!?

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