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Monday, May 23, 2011

"Somebody still needs to clean the toilets..."

We praise our kids and give them trophies for everything, even the worst kid on the team gets a trophy, because G-d forbid their little feelings may be hurt.

Nobody mentions cleaning ladies making $25.00 an hour, landscapers and gardeners making 50.00 an hour. Dishwashers, bus-drivers and garbage men are making more than many college educated professionals.

The reality is for society to function properly everyone cannot be equal. We need people to wash windows and work in sewers. Everyone in America has this feeling of entitlement.

Everyone is not a Donald Trump. There are many reasons for the downed economy, war, corporations not paying their fair share of taxes, however the most overlooked reason for the bad economy is nobody really wants to work.

Let's quit praising our kids for picking their noses, let's get back to basics, only then will society begin to function normally again. After-all somebody still needs to clean the toilet.

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