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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"The best invention since the automobile..."

OK, I know I'm  dwelling on this thing about Japanese scientists turning human feces into meat, this is my last blog on it, promise! :D)

Jesus can turn water into wine and Japanese scientists can turn human feces into fillet Mignon

News has surfaced with the scientific discovery of human feces being made into edible meat. This may sound gross but is going to be a way to live a sustainable lifestyle without killing.

Will the PETA organization back this new found discovery, will Rabbi's kosher the meat since no killing happens?

This may be the best invention since the automobile or sliced bread.

Next time your waiter asks, "how do you want your steak." and you reply, "rear," watch out because that's exactly what you may get, and if they ask if you want a bake potato just reply, flies please.

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