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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"My 300th blog..!"

This being my three hundredth (300Th) blog, it's now time to reflect on the previous 299.

I can see from my blogs administration page how many people read my blogs. The stats are staggering, it itemizes how many people access through the different social medias, such as facebook and twitter and also lets you know stats on how many people in other countries are reading your blogs.

There are folks from Australia, Malaysia, Russia, Canada, Switzerland, S. Korea, Germany, Nepal, Slovenia, Hungary,Belize,China, Thailand, Japan, Israel and almost every state in the union has logged into my blog at one time or another.

Blogging is therapy and if someone reads my blog and enjoys it, I feel accomplished, on the other hand if you don't enjoy today's blog, check back tomorrow since you never know where blog therapy may take us. It may take us to laughter or sadness, you may agree or dis-agree, however one things for sure, it  sure beats a visit to the doctors office.

Hope you enjoy the next 300!

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