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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Hawaiian fused..."

(Editor's note, an attempt at more local humor...More 'Spam' (Spam is a canned mix of animal by products, the stuff hot-dogs are made of and worse) is consumed in Hawaii than anywhere else in the world, "Ono" means delicious, tree is pidgin for three, da is the...)

Restaurants all have their speciality these days, it's hard to make it without something new and exotic.

There are now Mexican restaurants fused with Hawaiian, there's Italian cuisine fused with a local touch.

These all sound mouth watering and delicious, however truth be told I have found 'local touch' and 'Hawaiian cuisine' to mean mixed with Hawaii's favorite meat.

Yes ,Spam is the secret ingredient for the incredible fusion and local touch, tree cheers for da spam kine dat man kine tinks is ono!

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