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Monday, May 30, 2011

"Let's go surfing now..!"

The song says, "Lets go surfin now, every-one's working now..."

Surfing is a passion, something that just came natural to me, I try to surf on a daily basis. Surfing has introduced me to many new friends and I always am amazed by how much I learn each new time I surf.

There are many ways one can learn to surf, I am self taught, it's good to have a clear mind and no distractions while surfing.

Do not surf if you are extremely tired, or have been drinking. Surfing should be taken serious and there is so much to learn, balance, good eyes, and a good brain are mandatory when it comes time to surf.

Please join me in surfing, you can start by visiting this blog http://www.dakinetalk.blogspot.com/  on a daily basis, from there feel free to engage yourself fully in the Internet, who knows where you'll wind up. You may even wind up surfing into a website on how to surf.

Let's go surfin on the Internet NOW! C'mon and join e-harmony with me..!

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