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Saturday, June 4, 2011

"Quit whining about your weiner..!"

Weiner is a very popular Jewish name, as a child i remember Herbie Weiner, the famous local kosher caterer that catered all the Bar Mitzvah's and weddings of all the prominent Jewish families in western New York, where I was reared (no pun intended) as a child. There were also 2 Weiner brothers I played with as a child, however they always insisted there name be pronounced as Winer Although it was spelled 'weiner.'

New York Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner a liberal has inspirations of becoming the mayor of New York city. Weiner says he’s the victim of a hacker who sent out a “gag photo...”  :D)

Weiner absolutely and positively denies allocations this past week of Tweeting the crotch photo and says he has never met or spoken with the voluptuous female who received it. The wahine (woman in Hawaiian) says the same thing.

It's somewhat ironic that a guy named Weiner is being accused of sending a photo of his Weiner out all over the social networking sites, he denies it and says somebody hacked into his account and sent the photo of the congressman's private parts.

I am sure he was teased as a kid having the last name of Weiner, imagine being called weiner as a little boy? I am sure hew was teased on a daily basis about his sir name.

If only this man was smart enough to tell people his name was pronounced Winer, just as my Weiner friends did as a child.

Imagine if Anthony (Toni) Weiner had been named Richard (Dick) or Harold (Harry)? Although the media is trying to make something out of this escapade it is to comical to be taken serious, and for Peters (Peter, that's another play on words) sake if Mr. Weiner can help New York and be a good mayor who cares what he does with his Weiner, unless of course your a Whiner? Then again if this man has not told people to call him Winer in lieu of Weiner, maybe he isn't smart enough to mayor of New York?

The moral of this story is that the congressman needs to quit whining about his 'Weiner' and be thankful his parents didn't name him Harry or Dick.

 Stay tuned for  the nex blog about Senator Michael  "Mike"  Hunt!  ;D)

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