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Sunday, June 5, 2011

"Stay cool, don't be a fool!"

Swimming, snorkeling, surfing and an array of different water-sports are one of the many ways to stay cool and get some needed exercise in a tropical climate.

Another favorite way to cool off is to go shopping in an ice cold air-conditioned store or grab some grinds at your favorite bistro.

The recession has hit hard on the cosmic garden island of Kauai with the highest kilowatt per second charge for electricity in America. Business's are tightening their belts with either no air conditioning or run their ac units on the fan only setting.

The Kaua'i bus is a sure way to  beat the heat too, they run their air conditioners on the coldest and iciest settings which guarantee your ice cream stays frozen on the ride home from the grocery store.

If you are too tired to swim and need to cool off spend $25.00 a month for unlimited travel on da Kaua'i Bus, or buy a bus pass in whatever city you live and go for a ride to nowhere, go for a joy ride on your local bus, not much fuss, stay cool, don't be a fool, ride the bus!

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