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Saturday, July 23, 2011

"Everyone's a genius,Sticks and stone may break my bones,Hippocratic oath, seems more of a hypocritical oath..." 'Obama the Dog' (Serious sundays) Blog # 353-355

 Welcome to 'Serious Sunday's,' similar to your Sunday newspaper being bigger and fuller than the rest of the week, Serious Sunday's acts in much the same giving you more for your buck with multiple posts every Sunday on dakinetalk! (Blogs #353-#354-#355)

Obama the dog is our guest blogger for the day, her dad James "Kimo" Rosen helped with this guest blog submission. Obama currently resides on the cosmic island of Kaua'i and enjoys following her master along side his bike and chasing chickens. She is also the best friend of the guy who publishes this blog.   Enjoy. Blog #353
The Internet has changed my life and my belief it has changed every-one's life that has Internet access...

We can look up symptoms of any ailment and try to self diagnose, we can find the origins and side effects of any pharmaceutical drug, we can find numerous alternative health care remedies for every disease under the sun.

We can read thousands of newspapers, talk about every TV show and ask our computer questions and actually get answers. Encyclopedia's are no longer needed since any subject can be looked up on Google or many other search engines.

The average person has access to unlimited medical issues, legal, issues, business issues ,and anything the mind can think of.

Teenage boys no longer need to buy magazines with naked pictures of woman and hide them under the bed or in between a Mad magazine or sports illustrated. There is unlimited free porn on the Internet, a teenage boy's dream cum (sic) true.

We can now talk computer to computer via web-cams on skype for free, just like in the old Jetson's cartoons, but a reality. We can witness news while it is happening and watch many meetings political and otherwise in real time via live streaming.

We can participate in weddings, funerals and holidays via live streaming and no need to travel thousands of miles to witness family celebrations and reunions.

Recipe books are no longer needed, we just type meatloaf into a search engine and there are literally ten's thousands of recipes.

Facebook, twitter, My-space, skype and blogging has made the world a different place. There is so much more than what I have mentioned but basically the computer and Internet age has made everyone a potential genius, a potential pervert and a potential loner, even a potential comedian with forwarded jokes from friends.

40 years ago when I was a senior in high school there were no microwave ovens, no VCR's, DVD's, answering machines, voicemail, computers, digital camera's, phones that are capable of everything, HD TV, devices that give directions such as Map-quest and GPS devices. I have only mentioned a few inventions of the top of my head that the world relies on.

What will be in the next 40 yearss...

"Sticks and stone may break my bones, but names will never hurt me, or will they?  Blog #354
Society dictates we can no longer say the "R" word, it is not politically correct. The 'N 'word has been taboo for years unless of course your black and you are given diplomatic immunity and can use the word. Black comedians use the 'N' word all the time, does this mean that people who are mentally challenged can use the 'R' word but the rest of us cannot?

What about the 'H' word that is used as often as kimchi on the Hawaiian islands, should we start to say 'H-word 'when referring to Haole?

Whether it's an 'F-bomb', the 'N' word, the 'R' word, the 'H' word it's all dakine, or should I say it's all 'D-word.'

All I can say is 'WTF,' and what ever happened to the old childhood wisdom of, "sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me, or will they?

"Whatever ever happened to the Hippocratic oath, seems more of a hypocritical oath....   Blog #355 
 Dr. Rofgoff accepts, medicaid, medicare and cares for his patients...
Locating a doctor who takes public insurance proves difficult in isles." This was a recent article in the Honolulu Star Advertiser.

According to this article half the state of Hawai'i is either on medicare or medicaid, "There are 204,491 Medicare beneficiaries in Hawaii and about 267,000 Medicaid recipients." With the state of Hawaii's total population approximately one million, that only leaves the other half to pay the rack rate per each doctor visit. It seems all most doctors care about is all the mighty dollar, whatever ever happened to the Hippocratic oath, seems more of a hypocritical oath.

We need a system of National insurance where every man woman and child is insured, similar to Canada's. It's time for our politicians to come to a decision that benefits all Americans when it regards health. It's ironic when prisoners of war and those incarcerated have better medical care than law abiding citizens.

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