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Friday, July 22, 2011

"Please be my friend..." James "Kimo" Rosen (Shabbat Saturday's)

Welcome back one of my favorite blogger, me! :D)  Shabbat Shalom, enjoy a day of rest...

They call themselves the Roving Rabbi's and are on Kaua'i for the next two weeks! They say enjoy the day of rest! Shalom or as Jews in Hawai'i say, "Shaloha."
Facebook has become an obsession of mine, I use Facebook primarily to promote my daily blog; http://www.dakinetalk.blogspot.com/  . I used to be cautious and knew all my friends personally on Facebook and could never figure how or why someone could have 600, 800, or even 2,000 or more friends.

In the right hand corner of every Facebook homepage, there is an icon of people you may know, it shows your current friends, friends of friends and their friends that may be friends with others. (Got that?) All you need to do is click on these rotating names and ask them to be your friend. I literally have hundreds of names since everyone one of your friends has friends, so all their friends are potential friends, it's a giant pyramid of potential people to call friends,

I now have 40 new friend in less than twenty four hours and don't know one of them personally, however I am hoping for a few of them to start clicking on http://www.dakinetalk.com/  . Not only may the  blog get more hits, but I now have bragging rights to say I have close to 300 friends, although I don't know most of them. Sometimes your best friends may be people you never met, this way there are no fights, animosities or drama, Facebook really isn't so bad after-all, or is it?  Will you be my friend, please!?

Please share this blog on your favorite social networking site, and don't forget to friend me on your Facebook page, follow me on twitter, or just a friendly tweet to say 'Shaloha....'


Douglas Dunn said...

via Facebook;"""Shaloha" -- love it!"

Anonymous said...

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