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Saturday, August 6, 2011

"False Messiahs anxious for converts are detriment to your self esteem," 'Chester Lau,' "Hungry People" 'Obama Da dog,' (Serious Sunday's)

Aloha and welcome back frequent guest blocker Chester Lau, a.k.a (L'oncle Amusant) Unc is usually witty with jokes, this blog takes on a serious tone with some good advise to be heeded by politicians. Unc lives in Honolulu and is a retired cinematographer and shares with us on this 'Serious Sunday' of multiple blogs.
Thanksgiving meals are given out for free by one of many Kaua'i Christian ministries. Many times people get a much needed meal and other times many are looking for a free handout.Blog #372

False Messiahs cause Homeless ,Over Population & Dependency without the Incentive to be Self sufficient & responsibility to self & society, Why Work when things are FREE? But one gives up self esteem & integrity to accept "FREE" gifts that one did not work for !!!

As you can see the multitude of Obese healthy families in line to pick up FREE GIFTS & Foods from the Convoy of Hopes .(The mentally ill & disabled exempted, these we should help ) .We should mandate that people need to be EDUCATED first for better employment to sustain themselves.

"Give a man a fish he live for a day,teach the man to fish he can live proudly for ever."

 by L'oncle Amusant a.ka. 'Chester Lau'
Obama Da Dog is back writing in compliment to (Uncs) Blog featured above..,Blog #373
Just because one is 'Homeless,' Doesn't mean they are 'House-less.' Many people of means are homeless in their hearts and souls and many people without a house, are comfortable living outdoors as were our sages.

Hungry people in Kenya look hungry, they are thin emancipated with ribs sticking out. They are barely clothed and look like death warmed over.

Hungry people in America many times are obese. look at the poor people, those on welfare and food stamps, look at the people standing in soup kitchen lines, most are obese or morbidly obese.

Hunger in America is nothing like Hunger in Africa. How many Americans have you seen half naked with their ribs protruding out and flies circling them?

People in America are not hungry, however they could be starving, starving to get as much as possible without lifting a finger.

America is no longer the home of the Free and the land of the brave, America is the home of freeloaders and land of the Obese...

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Douglas Dunn said...

via Facebook;" Love the blog.
Love the poster at the end.
Would be glad to vote "Kimo for Kouncil" if I were on the island (hey, can I plan a strategic tourist visit on election day?)

But I do have some island friends and, if it is for real, will be glad to put in a good word, whatever its worth from this mainlander..."

Davis Danizier said...

via facebook;"Me too!"

James "Kimo" Rosen said...

Mahalos Doug and davis, I am putting out feelers, sort of doing my own market survey, The top 7 win council seats, the only problem every incumbent is planning a run for re-election? I cannot register until February 2012 and have until June of 2012 ...for deadline filing for Nov 2012 election? One day I say I am going to do it, the next day I say no way, stay tuned! I would be honored if I ran and you plsanned a visit or could help should this becomes a reality?

Douglas Dunn said...

via Facebook;"Douglas wrote: "Hey Kimo -- My sweetie and I were married at Fern Grotto (wedding pix on my FB page) in September 1987 (plus our intro to later trips to the sacred heiau of Kalalau). Next year, 2012, will be our big 25th anniversary. Thinking it would be right to be back in Kaua‘i for that remembrance (just before your November election). Will have to see if the fates are kind and make everything work out for all of us! Would love to meet you, and Bettejo and some of the other esteemed friends in a place of special meaning."

Davis Danizier said...

via Facebook;" I'd be glad to vote for Kimo anytime (if I could)!"

James "Kimo" Rosen said...

Let's see, Wii let you know in February....

Davis Danizier said...

via facebook;I'd be glad to vote for Kimo anytime (if I could)!"