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Sunday, August 7, 2011

"Seniors Can avoid Nursing Homes By Becoming safety minded..."'Judith Whitehead' (Inspirational Monday's)

Inspiration Monday's are back with guest blogger Judy Whitehead, this blog is about, assisted senior living. I wish they had those facilities in Hawaii, It sounds like a wonderful world where Judy lives, That's why she is our inspirational Monday blogger, enjoy!

I am in contact with many seniors throughout the work day and have found that many have had to make the choice of moving into an assisted living arrangement. With one simple twist of fate, their lives have been forced into a dramatic change that will impact their lives greatly.   They have fallen unnecessarily in their own homes and because of a broken bone or serious injury, they have no choice but to move into a place with assistance. Working in the medical field and interacting with seniors all week, along with my own father who is in his 90’s, I see firsthand what can happen if precautions are not taken to build a safe environment for our seniors of today. Independence is a priority for seniors among their many desires and that can only be accomplished by keeping in mind these simple precautions.

If a senior citizen is lucky enough to maintain their own home, they must be able to obtain assistance
with household choirs such as lawn maintenance and snow removal. Many of them insist they can still
do those things themselves, until they slip and fall. Don’t take that chance that it won’t be you that
takes a spill. Seniors love throw rugs; that’s a retro item from the 40’s and 50’s. Get rid of them and
walk on smooth floors or low carpeting. That’s an invitation for trouble if they are kept about the home. Get some good shoes that fit correctly, not some favorite slippers that are years old or shoes that have no tread left on the soles. Avoid stepping over curbs and use the handicapped cutouts on sidewalks and avoid walking alone if going for a stroll. If it becomes an effort to rise from a low chair, don’t continue to use it no matter how favorite a chair it is. You will be tempted to reach for a table or something to get up with for support and that is also an invitation to fall. If you still drive, avoid driving alone at night, even though it may be a short distance to the corner store. Have someone to go with you or better yet, go during the day. Have regular eye exams; I see people every day in my field that should not be driving and thank you New York State for making it a decade before people are required to renew a license!

 Be a smart senior and if you are able, look into senior apartment arrangements; they are
convenient and offer a great range of prices depending on your finances. They are still independent
living but without the worry about home maintenance, food preparation and having to drive places.
They provide all those necessities and enhance new friendships as well. Many places let you try out their program for the day for free, you can try a meal and meet the staff as well as the neighbors. This is also a great place to live if you like to travel. This option provides no worrying about leaving your home unattended. Transportation to local places is provided for you and in some situations, this option can prolong or save your life. Senior apartments usually come with emergency alarms and are designed for a seniors safety in mind. Don’t avoid these living options if you are ready to make the change; people make the mistake in thinking that they can still live alone when they are struggling to get through the day. Years ago this option was not available and was not as as popular as it is today. There were only two options several years ago; live in your own home or go to a “nursing” home.

 We now have so many Independent Living Apartments available that there are choices to be made. Be a smart senior and evaluate your lifestyle, don’t wait for an “event” in your life that makes the decision for you. Be proactive and choose for yourself.
What a great life seniors have in New York state...The Governor of Hawai'i, Neil Abercrombie was born and raised in Amherst N.Y, where guest blogger Judy Whitehead resides. The Governor is 72...

Printed with Permission!  Important Hawai'i News...

Breaking news on the Big Island as reported by Andy Parx in his blog Got Windmills;

Sunday, August 7, 2011


(PNN) -- Aug 7 -- Big Island reporter and blogger Damon Tucker was severely beaten by police and arrested for "hindering a government operation" Friday night while taking pictures from a public sidewalk outside a concert he was covering in Pahoa.

According to a post on his popular Damon Tucker's Blog "the police have now confiscated my camera and cell phone as well as roughing me up and locking me up in a police detention holding cell for taking video and pictures of them in action from the sidewalk in front of Pahoa Village Cafe."

Seven pictures posted yesterday, taken by Tucker's wife upon his return from the emergency room, show apparent multiple deep abrasions scraps and bruises on all of his extremities and torso.Tucker says his right shoulder is damaged, he is limping on his left leg and is in severe pain.

He says that he took the pictures on his cell phone which was confiscated by police as "evidence," as was his camera which he was not using.

Tucker wrote that he will "be filing a lawsuit against the Hawaii County Police department soon for a few things."

In his Friday night post Tucker wrote that:

People are allowed to take pictures and videos of police officers w/out getting roughed up. I’m battered, bruised and bloody from an officer slamming on the sidewalk… Thankfully I have eyewitnesses that will come forward to say what happened.

My wife took pictures shortly after I was released from jail tonight…

I just want my cell phone back and camera back…. I was rolling video when the officer took me down and they took my cell phone and camera from me for “Evidence”.

This is not Tucker's first run-in with police while covering news and taking photos. On Christmas Eve, 2008 Tucker was investigating complaints of violations of the American with Disabilities Act at Pahoa Post Office when a HPD officer threatened him and forced him to delete pictures Tucker had taken of the parking lot and the officer.

Tucker declined further comment for now saying he is weighing his options and will post again about the incident on his blog. He is due to appear in court on September 8.
Posted by Andy Parx at 11:04 AM


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