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Sunday, August 14, 2011

'How to Survive working with women in the workplace..." 'Judith Whitehead' (Inspirational Mondays)

Guest blogger Judith Whitehead from Amherst, N.Y.  has  worked in  the ophthalmology field for more than 25 years...  blogs about woman in the work-place on this Inspirational Monday!
Judith Roesch is one of the many woman in the workplace, she is also known as 'Ms. Aloha.'  giving free samples of Kaua'i coffee to local Walmart customers in Lihu'e Kaua'i Hawai'i...

I work closely in a medical office with over 20 woman; they consist of ages ranging from 24 yrs old to 60 years old. This wide range of personalities makes for a most interesting mix through out the day. Hormone levels can range from the very sensitive to the mundane. One never knows what the day will bring.

People work for all kinds of reasons; the biggest reason being for money to sustain themselves. Some work to keep busy and some for the satisfaction. Some people choose to bring their home life to work and share it with others for commiseration. Some choose to escape their home life, and loose themselves in the work day.

Women working together must develop a special “dance” in order to get along with each other and they
must delicately approach each other in order not to cause hard feelings when broaching different hot topics of discussion. I have been in the working world since I was 17 years old and have slowly devised these simple rules that make it easier to survive the workplace when working with women.

1. Stay a neutral person; office gossip will always move through a group of women at warp speed. When someone tries to entice you to take sides, stay neutral.

2. When your boss comes in and seems troubled, do not ask “what’s wrong”? Whatever you say can be the wrong thing and it is better to avoid them until they work it off.

3. Don’t bring your home problems to work; it makes other people feel uncomfortable and brings their day down as well.

4. Don’t socialize with the people you work with, this can backfire on you during office hours and you may have said something you could regret later on.

 Last but not least, don’t stay in a job that you don’t feel fulfilled in; look for another
One. Don’t look back with regret; we all know life is very short.

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James "Kimo" Rosen said...

btw, poor people and homeless can get medicaid here in Hawaii, where I live many poor people get better medical care than the middle class....

Douglas Dunn said...

via facebook;" Excellent advice, and applies pretty much the same to men as to women!

In the long run, men and women in the workplace are all part of the same productive team.

In the words of my favorite feminist (better known to the TGI crowd as “Emerald”):
“A man of quality is not threatened by a woman of E-quality.”