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Thursday, August 4, 2011

"Oh, Grow up..." 'Michael A. Herr' (Aloha Friday's)

Michael Herr is back as our guest blogger for this Aloha Friday. Michael's blogs seem to get better each week. This week he blogs about growing up, see if you find yourself in any of his explanations, I did.   If you enjoy reading entertaining and exciting fiction check out Michael's website at: http://www.michaelherr.com/ 

Do we really want to grow up?

 Don't forget out check out Michael's great fiction at his website; http://www.michaelherr.com/  I just finished his fourth book, "The Old Queen's Murder." a Serial killer and a copycat end up on the big Island, another nail biter, i could not put down.   You can purchase the whole set, 6 books for only $18.00 including P&H
Oh, grow up !

Ever hear that phrase? When you were in elementary or grammar school, or even in high school, did anyone ever tell you to just "Grow up!"? Maybe it was an adult who used that phrase when you got on their nerves; whining for a toy that you'd been told you couldn’t have. Maybe it was another kid, disgusted at hanging around with someone who acted like a baby. If it was a girl responding to your attempts at affection, then it was particularly hard to take.

So what did you do? Sulk? Take your toys and go home? Complain about how unfair you were being treated? Or maybe you tired to pull yourself a little taller and act more like a grown-up?

What did those who told you to "grow up" mean? They probably weren't referring to your physical being. No, they most likely meant you should act more mature. More like an adult. And how does an adult act? Unfortunately, we all know the answer to that question. Adults act just like kids.

Was there a bully at your school? Probably. And maybe that person still bullies other, just in different ways. Like browbeating someone in a conversation. Or maybe pushing ahead in a line since their business is more important than yours. Possibly forcing you to go to a restaurant of their choosing all the time, rather than the one you prefer.

Was there a class clown at your school? Someone who made a joke out of everything? Today you might watch that person on late-night television; think Leno or Letterman. Or they might be that annoying friend who, when you're trying to have a serious discussion, keeps interjecting little 'humorous' comments. Either to keep off the serious stuff, or to belittle you. Sometimes they're just plain sarcastic.

How about a teacher's pet? Was there someone in your class who just loved to pass out papers, sharpen the pencils, clap the erasers — report on what their classmates had done? Someone always ready to tell the teacher how wonderful it would be to do that extra assignment, or to re-read that chapter in the history book? Today they're probably in an office somewhere telling their boss what wonderful ideas he has and how that new ad campaign will rocket sales. We have a name today for people like this — brown-nosers.

Was there a flirt? A girl (yes, I'll be sexist here) who led all the boys on. A girl who would touch her hair, bat her eyelashes, fiddle with the buttons on her shirt (or yours)? We had a name for her kind back then too — p****-teaser.

Maybe a whiner? A kid in class who always groaned no matter how short the assignment the teacher gave? A kid who struck out at baseball and always had a complaint about the pitcher, the wind, the crowd in the bleachers, the sun in his eyes? Where is he today? Why, he's the one who writes all those letters to the editor.

So, did you know any of these kids when you were in school? Guess what? They haven't changed a bit. Those habits are ingrained now and carried over to their adulthood. They didn't grow up. They got taller, they lost their hair, they put on weight. But their basic character stayed the same.

Last question for the day, do you recognize yourself in any of these kids? No? Neither do they.

So if you run into any of them today, just tell them to Grow Up.

Much aloha.

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Douglas Dunn said...

via facebook;"I'll answer that final questions someday.
When I grow up.
IF I grow up.

The Peter Pan in me is hoping that never never happens."

James "Kimo" Rosen said...

Did youi find yourself in Michaels blog? I guess I am the letter to editor writer?