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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"The Invisible War..." 'Bettejo Dux' (Classic Wednesday)

Bettejo  has lived on Kaua'i over 30 years and is a people lover,
animal lover, lover of life and strikes a dashing yoga pose...
Today Bettejo blogs  about the invisible war... Enjoy!

The Invisible War

First of all I want to thank the YWCA for bringing to Kaua'i the Academy Award nominated documentary, The Invisible War.

As for the hypocritical political apologists, especially  Hawai'i Senator Mazie Hirono and Congress-woman  Tulsi Gabbard ( I paraphrase, “…gee guys we know it’s bad but we have a ‘relationship’ with the military so please write your Congressman...” this is my offering to you: ten hard whacks between the ears with my trusted shillelagh. 

What can we do? All of us have kids and grand-kids and neighbors and friends who have kids and grand-kids  see that these most precious possessions are protected from this madness. Keep them out of the hands of the military. 

I would especially like to address all Kauai’s-and America’s - wonderful teachers and school Principals: think for a moment, ‘dolled up’ recruiters stalk your halls. The military is recruiting kids in the 4th Grade!!!

I think some bloody red ripe rotten tomatoes splashed across the front of their pristine uniforms might help. 

Peace and love...

True story in the N.Y. Daily News, Hairy stockings for woman to help keep perverts away, check it out;

Hana Hou, (Encore)  Shared From Facebook...

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