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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"Forever Young on Kaua'i..." 'Bettejo Dux' (Classic Wednesday)

Bettejo  has lived on Kaua'i over 30 years and is a
people lover,
animal lover, lover of life and strikes a dashing yoga pose...

Today Bettejo blogs about  a wonderful life on Kaua'i... Bettejo turned 83 today!  
Happy Birthday... Enjoy!

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Bettejo is 83 years young today, Mazol Tov!

Forever Young on Kaua'i

To wake up on Kaua'i is to be happy.

If we could share what we have with the world, it would be a happier place. At the moment I am looking at a bank of Walking Iris, dappled with sunlight, brimming with joy and life’s perfume.  I walk though a screen door into a leaf-strewn courtyard and, standing tiptoe, on a hollow block, peer in to see the babies. The mother Thrush was in the nest and she gave me a look that said, “Can’t you knock?”  She and her mate work hard feeding these big mouth screamers.

Feeding my zoo is hard work, too. It’s a 24/7 operation. Hungry mouths-nine counting my own- must be fed.  It’s interesting that the eight others don’t seem to get it: I also indulge.  I’ve got the feeding end of it down to a science but convincing them I’ve got to eat is the hang up. Part of the morning routine is sharing. “See, guys,” crunch, sip, swallow, ”I eat, too….”

…A major distraction, within arm distance of where I’m working, a brilliant red cardinal is teetering on a leaf and tweeting. He wants a cracker.  If so he’s going to have get with the program and show up at the cracker station.

My husband, taught me to love the early morning hours. We were always up at 4AM, except on weekends, and I would be out in the fields at 6AM-horses have to be fed two hours before riding-and Bill would be behind his desk at five. But that schedule has shifted. No fields. No Bill. And the high cost of electricity has got me up and moving with first light. It’s beautiful then. Early morning light flatters my house.  Me, too.

The birds, roosters, too, have been singing and crowing for hours- I love them- but I wonder why. Dawn seems to have nothing to do with their early morning chatter. I think they’re just happy to be alive.

The first thing I do is get up. Stretch. Healthy animals always stretch when rising. Everybody stretches around here. For me, morning ablutions and bed making are a constant. Then a set up. All the animals’ bowls and pails and buckets are lined up where they belong. Spoons, measuring cups, oil and molasses for Ari’s mash. Warm in the winter, cold in the summer. My father taught me that trick.

Then it’s boots on tall and Boots and I are off to the races. My jungle jungles thickly abundant with cliffs and slides and slippery slopes. I carry my shillelagh and have several steep traverses where I’ve strung a rope to haul me up and ease me down. It’s an obstacle course. The most dangerous obstacle? Dodging Boots as she careens across my path.

If I get back, I’ll feed.  If I fall and break a leg, orders are to shoot me. I want to die with my boots on.

Waking up on Kaua'i is to be young. For a day.

Judge changes baby's name from 'Messiah' ( Totally Unconstitutional, if someone wants to name their kid Messiah, so be it, as the expression goes, call me anything you want, just don't call me "Late For Dinner" On second thought name the kid" Late For Dinner! How bout changing the judges name to D---- bag! ;D)
Check out the story below;

Hana Hou, (Encore) Shared from Facebook...


Deborah Morel said...

Happy Birthday Bettejo!

Chester "Unc" Lau said...

Joyeuse Anniversaire ma chere amie

Facebook Likes said...

Responses from Judge changes baby's name from "Messiah"

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Chuck Lasker Or changing his title to unemployed.
12 August at 21:28 · Unlike · 1

James Kimo Rosen "She," it's a woman judge... and yes I second da motion, Unemployed it is!
12 August at 21:29 · Unlike · 1

Chuck Lasker Woman judge? With her views, she should be in the kitchen obeying her husband, right?
12 August at 21:34 · Unlike · 1

James Kimo Rosen if someone wants to name their kid messiah, so be it, as the expression goes, call me anything you want, just don't call me "Late For Dinner" On second thought name the kid" Late For Dinner! How bout changing the judges name to D---- bag! ;D)
12 August at 21:40 · Like · 2

Ronald Ostroff Tennessee. You can't drink Jack Daniels where they make it, the Scopes trial. I bet you can name him Jew Medown Smith there
Yesterday at 02:53 via mobile · Like

Elaine Albertson Unconstitutional. Period. I hope they fight it. This judge is going to look like the bigoted moron that her decision depicts.
Yesterday at 07:00 · Like

Harmony Bentosino There have been other recent babies named Messiah according to the Social Security Administration which keeps records on names. It's just that those babies never went before a judge, or at least not this judge!
Yesterday at 07:31 · Unlike · 1

James Kimo Rosen How bout naming him da judge Jack Meoff? ;D)
Yesterday at 09:19 · Like · 1

Michael Herr As I said on another post, if she can prove she's still a virgin, then the name's all right by me.
23 hours ago · Like

James Kimo Rosen But mike the baby was born in a manger. ;D)
23 hours ago · Like

Michael Herr That's only secondary hearsay evidence. I want a doctor's verification.
23 hours ago · Like

Elaine Albertson He wasn't born in a manger, Kimo...they put him there because there wasn't a Walmart to get a proper cradle.
23 hours ago · Unlike · 1

Deborah Morel Is this legitimate, or a hoax?
8 hours ago · Like

Ronald Ostroff Like I said before, spend any time in the sunny south?
5 hours ago via mobile · Like

Elaine Albertson Yes, it's legit...unfortunately.
3 hours ago · Unlike · 1

James Kimo Rosen Legiit,D
about an hour ago · Like

Bettejo Dux said...

I love all of you guys commenting today at my blog site. Hope Kimo prints Profit vs Health. Another of our hearty disagreements. Tomorrow is my birthday. I'm moving my age ahead a day. Love'ya.