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Monday, August 12, 2013

"Chris Deedy, When Time Stands Still" 'Deborah Morel'

Guest blogger Deborah Morel paying respects this past Memorial Day at
O'ahu Veterans Cemetery of the Pacific...

"Law enforcement officers are never 'off duty.' They are dedicated public servants who are sworn to protect public safety at any time and place that peace is threatened. They need all the help they can get."
-U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer

"Courage is rightly esteemed the first human qualities...because it is the quality which guarantees all others."
-Winston Churchill
Guest blogger and friend Deborah Morel recently moved to Australia  from Honolulu Hawaii to work in law enforcement. This employment in Australia follows three years previously employed with the New Zealand Ministry of Education, as an Education Adviser and member of a trauma team responding to threats of suicide and possible sexual assault. Deborah also servred as a probation officer for the state of Hawai'i

One of Deborah's  favorite quotes close to heart is, "The dead cannot cry out for justice; it is a duty of the living to do this for them." Lois McMaster Bujold
Today Deborah talks about  the current trial making  national news in Honolulu of Special Agent Christopher Deedy.

This blog is  a continuation from last weeks article,""Christopher Deedy & Chronicle's of Racism in the 50th State..." by 'Deborah Morel'

Editor's note, Dakinetalk guest bloggers do not necessarily represent the opinions of dakinetalk. Guest bloggers are given space to express their beliefs and or opinions. We feel there are many roads and like to give people space to express their thoughts,after-all that's what dakine is. Please feel free to submit your guest-blog and or opinions  to Dakinetalk.    Aloha, James "Kimo" Rosen, Publisher.

Deborah (D) has put timeless hours of passion into her research of this case and has come to the reality of the enclosed;
Photo of Christopher Deedy
used by permission from "Support Chris Deedy
Facebook page.



In The City and County of Honolulu Prosecutor's Case against a U.S. Department of State, Special Agent Christopher Deedy, some confusing and questionable testimonies, examinations, and redirects of prosecution witnesses have arisen in the Prosecutor's argument. The Honolulu Police Department and Prosecutor were not deprived of evidence. There are any number of conflicting testimonies by some key prosecution witnesses--suggesting in this trial, the point that it is always dangerous to try and read tea leaves.  

Key prosecution witness, Mr. Michel Perrine, states under oath that he did not feel threatened by harassment on him by Elderts; however, quite conflicting to this testimony, Mr. Perrine states that on this night entering the McDonald's restaurant, Perrine had consumed 3 shots of Tequila and a pitcher of beer within a few hours' time, and did not remember what happened the night of the shooting. Perrine continued that it was Perrine's roommate who would explain the following morning what happened the evening prior, and to the shooting incident. There are questions to Mr. Perrine's quality of memory...then, the fog rolls in.

According to retired HPD Detective Theodore Coons' testimony, HPD did not obtain a blood alcohol reading on Special Agent Deedy at any time during HPD Officer contact. According to Prosecuting Attorney Janice Futa, and responding retired HPD Sgt. Kenneth Schreiner, this was the case because SA Deedy was not "stopped for a DUI." 

Concluded in The City of Honolulu, Medical Examiner, Dr. Kathy De Alwis' report, Elderts' toxicology showed a "significant" amount of cocaine, alcohol, and marijuana in his blood. Research proves combining cocaine, "chased" with alcohol, prolongs the effect of cocaine, and is linked to risks of violent and impulsive behaviour. This combination becomes cocaethylene. U.S. National crime statistics indicate that cocaethylene increases violent behaviour. Expert witness for the Defence, Dr. Johnathan Arden, Medical Examiner and Forensic Pathologist for 30 years, testified to these facts.

Defence witness, Dr. Jonathan Arden, also, presented credible forensic evidence: Gun powder burns on Elderts' face, the angle of the bullet's path, and marks around chest wounds of Elderts', clearly indicated it was the third bullet shot that killed Elderts, and not at the time SA Deedy and Elderts were standing up--as Attorney Futa and HPD Investigator argue--but at the time that Elderts had shoved SA Chris Deedy to the floor a second time. In testimony by retired HPD Lieutenant Wayne Fernandez, this Lt. states that in 2008 Mr. Kollin Elderts was convicted of Disorderly Conduct--Elderts having challenged males in a fight club in Kailua; refusing to stand down to HPD Officers' repeated warnings, and telling police to "F__ you." 

Mr. Kollin K. Elderts and Mr. Shane A K Medeiros were no strangers to contact with the Law and Courts, and up to this incident in Waikiki McDonald's and on November 6, 2011. In less than 11 months' time, between February 2010 and November 2010, Mr. Kollin K. Elderts was Charged and/or Convicted of at least 7 Traffic Crimes, some serious, including:  Guilty Plea of DUI/Impairment--determined by Breathalyzer  Noncompliance with Speed, Seat Belt Requirement, Failure to Surrender Plates, and Driving With Suspended/Revoked License.

Mr. Shane A K Medeiros, between the time of 2007 and 2012, chalked-up approximately 11 Charges and/or Convictions, some serious, including:  False Vehicle Registration/Inspection Certificate, NonCompliance With Speed Limit, Tinted Glaze/Glass-Sunscreening, No Motor Vehicle Inspection Certificate, NonCompliance of Possession of Driver License Card, High Occupancy Vehicle Lane, and Disregard for Red Light. Kollin Elderts' and Shane Medeiros' records indicate these two  males believed themselves above the law. Sometimes circles just make sense.

In Prosecuting Attorney Futa's cross-examination of SA Deedy--as prosecution witness testimonies appeared tailored for secondary gain--this prosecuting attorney attempts to turn the world side ways, to Special Agent Christopher Deedy's sense of duty and responsibility as a law enforcement officer, and Deedy's obvious moral decency, in an unsettling tone of voice stating exact, "You knew though whatever you did, you (SA Deedy's) made the situation worse. And, you said this was a situation you felt responsible for." 

I believe Prosecuting Attorney Futa is sly on the facts--contrary to what justice is about, therefore; let's be clear.The truth is that Special Agent Deedy stated in testimony in examination by Defense Attorney Brook Hart that SA Deedy felt "a responsibility,"--not that SA was responsible for Elderts' behaviour. Are not all sworn law enforcement officers demanded to uphold duty and responsibility in such similar rapidly escalating scenes such as that which Elderts and Medeiros had instigated...to preserve, protect life from someone who is trying to diverge a life?

Ask for Mr. Kollin Eldert's state of mind. SA Deedy's actions--as a law enforcement officer--being responsible for Elderts' racially motivated outburst, hate crimes on innocent Caucasians--while Elderts was loaded with cocaethylene and marijuana? No, Special Agent Christopher Deedy did not "make" Kollin Elderts go into a dangerous spike of rage. No one was responsible for Elderts' behavior, but Elderts himself--an individual with aggressive and violent characteristics. Elderts was enraged, out of his head, and deadly. SA Deedy attempted many times again to deescalated Elderts' behavior. Elderts could not be reasoned with. It was "Kill Ha'ole Day," topped off with cocaethylene and marijuana.

In Special Agent Christopher Deedy's testimony, Deedy states that he was fighting for his life. Deedy states to the events exact, "It was so vivid in my mind--as I said--when we were standing there with the gun drawn. I was driven to the ground; Elderts mounted on top of me...Elderts began punching me in the face with his right hand, when his (Elderts') left hand grabbed the back of my gun. I prayed he (Kollin Elderts) would stop. All the commotion from the shouting and fighting was drowned out. It was dead silent. It was at this moment that time stood still; I know it was only seconds, but for me it was minutes or hours."

That which Special Agent Deedy describes he experienced is referred to as "Slow Motion Perception." Research and discovery have been accomplished regarding this phenomenon. At the Department of Medicine and Psychiatry, Johns Hopkins University of Medicine, and Baylor College of Medicine, and by Dr. David Eagleman, research and brain activity resonance patterns indicate that such a sensation of time slowing is activated in a portion of the brain called the amygdala, and during life threatening situations.

The event requires anticipating, and life threatening conditions in which massive amounts of data to process is presented. In effect, and according to Dr. Eagleman, "The amygdala becomes more active--laying down a secondary set of memories that go along with those normally taken care of my other parts of the brain, and which alters the brain's perception of time." Consciousness seems to become "postdictive"--that is constructed in retrospect.

According to The Society of Neuroscience, glimpse of alcohol's effect on the amygala have been captured in images, and in which The Department of Medicine and Psychiatry, Johns Hopkins research concur--alcohol dampens activation in brain networks responding to life threats; therefore, in turn to a loss of any sensation of Slow Motion Perception. An individual must be free of the influence of alcohol and drugs to experience Slow Motion Perception. 

The point? Special Agent Christopher Deedy was not under the influence of alcohol when Elderts reeled out of control on Elderts' own terms, and SA Deedy was clear that his life, and possibly others' lives were in eminent danger. It is time this charade ends. 

Update 08-14-13;"Prosecutors aiming high in Christopher Deedy murder trial"
Read more:

From KHON TV (this news story only compliments Deborah's blog)
...Nurse: Special agent did not appear drunk the morning of deadly shooting;

Read Deborah's other article concerning  Chris Deedy and racism in the 50th state."Christopher Deedy & Chronicle's of Racism in the 50th State..." 'Deborah Morel'

Photo of Christopher Deedy
used by permission from "Support Chris Deedy
Facebook page.


It is my hope that Deborah's  guest-blog will bring awareness to racial tensions in Hawaii and realize that  Special agent Christopher Deedy was only defending himself and friends when he felt  their lives were being threatened. This  is  a reality in Hawaii,  a state that still hosts,"Kill Haole day." at the end of each school year.  (Kill haole day is listed in Wikipedia) It is a real thing. Haole is a derogatory term for white person, it is the equivalent of calling a black person the "N" Word.   James "Kimo" Rosen

You can follow the trial daily with videos, live-streaming and more at Hawai'i News Now; Get the facts...

Defense rests in Deedy murder trial; KITV, Honolulu 08-08-13;

KHON is also live-streaming the trial of Christopher Deedy;

"Hawai'i is currently going through it's own version of a Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman trial with the Christopher Deedy- Kollin Elderts trial...."
Read more;

The word 'Haole' needs to be erased;

American flag at O'ahu Veterans Cemetery of the Pacific...
Chris Deedy has also served his country with dignity
and respect.  When somebody is threatening your life
and the life of your friends, self defense is a no brainer.

Photo by Deborah Morel

Hana Hou, (Encore) Shared From Facebook....

Editor's note, Dakinetalk guest bloggers do not necessarily represent the opinions of dakinetalk. Guest bloggers are given space to express their beliefs and or opinions. We feel there are many roads and like to give people space to express their thoughts,after-all that's what dakine is. Please feel free to submit your guest-blog and or opinions  to Dakinetalk.    Aloha, James "Kimo" Rosen, Publisher.


Deborah Morel said...

Good evening Kimo,

Thank you for all of your efforts to see this story published and with the dignity and regard such a story is owed. It is my hope my story will make a difference; justice needs a voice in the State of Hawai'i--often this right is restrained. God bless Special Agent Deedy, his wife, family and friends. The emails have rolled into my mail box. This story is beginning to spread across The State of Hawaii and onward. It is due. God speed justice and accountability in this frivilous case against an innocent U.S. lawmaker.

KimoRosen said...

Deborah Morel's blog last week about Christopher Deedy and the chronicles of racism in the 50th has received over 1,100 hits in it's first week, that is a one week record of hits for dakinetalk. Because of the popularity of her blog and because of the seriousness of the crime that Deedy is accused, we have decide to publish part-2," When Time stands still." Our hope is to bring awareness to racial tensions in Hawai'i and realize that Special agent Christopher Deedy was only defending himself and friends when he felt their lives were in jeopardy.

Deborah has spent days, researching, fact checking and studying everything she can get her hands concerning this case and her conclusion is not only, "not guilty," but innocent! May G-d Bless America and Special agent Deedy for all he has done for our great country. James "Kimo" Rosen

"In less than 11 months' time, between February 2010 and November 2010, Mr. Kollin K. Elderts was Charged and/or Convicted of at least 7 Traffic Crimes, some serious, including: Guilty Plea of DUI/Impairment--determined by Breathalyzer Noncompliance with Speed, Seat Belt Requirement, Failure to Surrender Plates, and Driving With Suspended/Revoked License...."

Susan Wyse said...

via facebook,"Being raised in Hawaii & being hapa I would bank on it that Deedy has been to Hawaii at some point or was warned by co workers or friends to be careful because the locals can be hard on the haole's & took a chance on taking his fire arm for just in case. Heck, I still have family there and have been back several times & I'm scared. I expect to go home this year & am considering making arrangements for a fire arm while I am there because of the ever growing haole issue. I am licensed in the state I reside in to carry & aware my licensed is not acceptable in Hawaii however, Im willing to take that risk. I love Hawaii & have many good memories however, race issues are a real problem in Hawaii."

Deborah Morel said...

Kimo, thank you for all of your hard work to see this story told with dignity. I agree with Susan Wyse--I've many fond memories and life long local friends in Hawaii. However, brutal attacks--and even death brought to Caucasians--is real. These stories I wrote to the wrongful charges on a lawmaker were very difficult for me. I take no pleasure in the facts staring me in the face, but must be told. KImo put a great amount of thought and time into these stories. Having been a victim I know the corrupt side of the Courts--and some other SOH Departments--as well, intimately. Then, I would experience my Caucasian friend, 34 year old Aureo Moore, stalked, ambushed, executed in broad daylight in Anahola, Kauai by connected local family Ropozo's grandson, Vicente Hilario. There were blatant attempts to throw this case, and by the very lawmakers who are to be a determined voice for the decedent..witness. It is heavy, disturbing and just doesn't end in Hawai'i. When I arrived home from work, my email box had been flooded with messages, and others on my phone. Many decent locals in Hawaii care, and want to see justice served. This is the true Aloha in Hawaii. God bless Special Agent Deedy, his wife, mother and father, and friends. May God continue to watch over this family.

Christina Sanchez said...

Via facebook;"Can't we let a dead man R.I.P.?? Character Maligning for TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS 3 YRS. AGO?? He may have been going through a divorce who knows, but this is sinking too low, how hurtful for his family/friends to have to read DIRT about their loved one, WALK OF SHAME !!!!"

KimoRosen said...

Deborah was only pointing out that he was in trouble with the law quite a bit, important to know!

KimoRosen said...

Deborah, BTW, when the jury finally finds Deedy not guilty you will need to write a blog on how justice was served! we must think positive for Special Agent Deedy!Amen!

Deborah Morel said...

Aloha Christina, I agree with you--why does anyone around such a matter be forced to reach to these important facts that indicate both young men believed themselves to be above the law? You can look to your own Hawaii Prosecutor, Courts, and police department. Look to the corruption in Hawaii. You can forget about a person's dignity being preserved, hearings being clean and even handed. With the Prosecutor, HPD Officer, City Medical Examiner, Tricky Judges, one is forced to bring the truth forward so the public is informed. I worked as a probation officer in Kauai. The courts are dripping with corruption. MANY locals who have gained power in the courts of HI will use these very courts to play out their personal agendas against locals they don't like and Caucasians--just because it is all al game. Victims? Who looses? Often children are sacrificed. For example, it was highly suspected that a young 8 year old female, with special needs, was being sexually violated by the boyfriend her mother brought into the house of 5 children. I had a really bad feeling about this guy who was court ordered to report to me. I did some investigating. This creep had a SEXUAL ASSAULT, FIRST DEGREE (FORABLE RAPE WITH A WEAPON) and INDECENT EXPOSURE (found masturbating under a female's window). I was able to make contact with these victims from years ago. These females were still suffering the scar of sexual violations. Nothing was ever done with this creep. He was let free to go. The case just ended....just ended mid-stream. This guy is connected in Kauai. When I took the archival case and my concerns to my ACPS Kauai Probation Supervisor, Kimberly Fukushima-Nakamura, who by the way is now the ACPS ADMINISTRATOR, this local read the KPD police reports and court docs, took the file--closed it, and shoved it across the desk toward me in an aggressive move. What did K. Fukushima-Nakamura--last name changed again because had an affair with her probationer and divorced? "Stop digging! Things are done differently here!" You're local; you know this BS answer. So you see Christina, it is your own people who bring having to expose the truth to the media; otherwise, court cases are staged, jurors are groomed to believe lies, and then make the wrong decisions. I see in court records that Kollin Elderts was sentenced to probation. Where was Elderts' probation officer to help get him on the right path? Most of these people who get paid to be "POs" and help clients, and keep community safe, don't care. The sit at their desks doing paperwork, never go into the field (too lazy and scared), and pack their office up at 4:30 pm sharp everyday and go home. While at the Office many--like ACPS Administrator Fuckashima walk around like they own the place--wearing Staleto shoes, and booking airline tickets for she and her latest lover to Las Vegas, and Hollywood photo sessions in Oa'hu for her 2 spoiled children--this while she is suppose to be on duty, in the courthouse reported to duty. I must wonder if Kollin's path may have taken a different path had he gotten the help he needed. Obviously issues of addictions. HPD was apparently doing their part. The Courts and probation unit failed. And, this fateful night in McDonald's is what Elderts and Medeiros came to. As for the young girl being sexually assaulted by the rapist boyfriend?? Stop digging? I--and a few others---had a word with Mr. Keven Cabreria. This child perp is being watched. Christina, you know this is how it goes in Hawaii. In this fatal night at McDonalds there are many losers in the games played in the courts of HI--while those playing the games go home and pack for Vegas. Innocent families, decent police officers/lawmakers, you, me, and others are left picking-up the dirty pieces and wiping up the blood that has been spilled. Walk of Shame? Yes, by the State of Hawaii.

Deborah Morel said...

l Good evening Kimo. Long day--then dinner out with my Aussie friend, Mick. Just getting home. I will take a look at the link you sent. How was your and Obama's day? Is it Bettejo's birthday tomorrow

KimoRosen said...

The link is more the people who like Deedy, however they let me post your blogs, hence I posted their's.