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Saturday, June 13, 2015

"Cataracts will cause Blindness if not treated..." 'Judith Whitehead' (Inspiration Sunday)

Judith Whitehead lives in Amherst New York.
 and has worked in the ophthalmology
 field of medicine for over 30 years

Cataracts will cause Blindness if not treated

I have been working in the medical field for many years in the field of Ophthalmology and still can’t believe we still see people coming in for exams who are almost blind from treatable cataracts. It’s the one form of an eye aliment that can be cured with a simple procedure. Besides cost for those that don’t have insurance, it seems to be fear that prevents them from treatment. I am still amazed at what little some know about this simple procedure done outpatient that can restore someone’s sight almost

We are all born with the potential of developing a cataract which is the clouding lens of the eye.

Even in our 40’s and 50’s there are imperfections in the lens that can cause some visual problems, glare and trouble driving at night. When I have people come in that can hardly see anything, it amazes me that it is fear of the unknown that stops them from restoring sight by removing the lens and placing a synthetic implant in its place. 

A recent group of patients that had their surgeries done came in the
office the following day expressing words such as amazing, unbelievable and pure joy. I also heard people say,” I had no idea I had so many wrinkles or I can read again or is that how bright colors really are?” It is one of the best aspects of my job to enjoy watching the restoration of vision unfold before

Today there are so many diseases and ailments that can’t be cured, it is still amazing that cataract surgery is a total cure to vision restoration still. The surgery has been streamlined so much that it is
done in a short time , outpatient and vision starts improving that very day. There are many surgeries to fear in life but this is not one of them. I have seen people who had to stop working because of their eyesight and once the cataracts were removed, they returned to their jobs and got their lives back.Sounds so simple, but is was fear that kept them from the surgery. 

Most insurance policies do cover  most of the surgery and medicare will cover 80% of the cost of new glasses post op if needed.
In a world of incurable diseases and ailments, I am so glad I work in a field that brings pleasure to many.

I have the very beginnings of cataracts as my husband does, but it’s not time to do any procedure yet. I am lucky, I only have to wear readers because I have crossed the line into the “senior” level where we all have to pull the newspaper 20 inches away to read it without glasses on. I put my readers on and wham…my problem is solved.

People who are sun worshipers, diabetics, steroid users, and other medical ailments may develop cataracts sooner than others. Surgery is only done one eye at a time; after that eye is a success than the
other fellow eyes’ cataract can be removed. Safety first…If someone only has one eye, than usually we wait until the cataract eye is interfering greatly with vision.

So to all those who are struggling with their vision; get an eye evaluation. It may be simple cataracts that are obstructing your vision. Your world will open up to all that you have been missing . 

P.S-Comedy relief-
Chinese Man At The Optometrist
A Chinese man goes to the optometrist for a checkup.
The examination was finally over and the two sit down to discuss the results.
"Well, Mr. Chung, I see you have cataracts."
Mr. Chung replies, " No, a Rincoln Continental!"

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Roger "Micah" Dean said...

I had both eyes done and, like Judy, would encourage folks who need it to do themselves a priceless favor and go for it! - It's a whole new view on life. grin emoticon

KimoRosen said...

I asked my Eye doctor about when I went in for my diabetic retina exam this year. She said in a few years. I have cataracts but not large enough at this point, the bad news it doesn't correct your near vision that's where I have my major problems.

Bettejo Dux said...

All cataracts, Judith? I'm 84 and discovered I have small cataracts. My vision is good. Must read and work on computer with glasses. Find my night vision improves when I take vitamin A. Bright lights at night used to be annoying but with A they don't bother me at all. Interesting column. Hope you read my stuff, too. Love BettejoColors are delightfully bright. the only reason I would avoid surgery is the expense. Never had much luck with Medicare stuff.

KimoRosen said...


This reply is from my friend and fellow blogger, columnist Bettejo. Can you answer her question and send it to her email address in the CC field above. Alos post it on the comment section on Facebook. Aloha

Judith Whitehead said...

Glad you are doing well Bettejo with your vitamin routine , cataract surgery is always elective surgery and optional. When you feel your vision affects your lifestyle. Then it's time. When they get dark and yellow it's time to get rid of them for sure,they affect colors. Dept perception etc good luck

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Judith Whitehead said...

Jimmy, (Kimo)well...it can correct your near vision if you spring for the multifocal lens but that is extra bucks...

KimoRosen said...

I don't think my insurance would cover that, I'll check though...

Harmony Bentosino said...

This is not the first time Judith has written about cataracts. I showed her previous blog to a friend with cataracts who refuses to treat them. She cannot afford to treat them and has the strangest belief that it is wrong to seek financial assistance for medical care. She would literally choose to go blind or die before seeking financial assistance for care. I feel sad but have no choice but to respect her beliefs.

KimoRosen said...

H- Cataracts are such a common problem with people in our age group it's worthwhile to bring it back to attention, after-all not everyone saw the other blogs on cataracts. Next blog will be on Rincoln's! wink emoticon

KimoRosen said...

H-the sad part is if your friend goes blind, see will then need to seek financial assistance which will cost the taxpayer much more ...