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Monday, June 15, 2015

"Kapaa Rotary rocks with the Taste..." 'James "Kimo" Rosen 'Kimo's world #75' (Kapaa Rotary)

James "Kimo"Rosen is a retired 
Professional Photographer living on the
Garden island of Kaua'i with

 his best friend Obama Da Dog.

Kimo's World #75
Kapaa Rotary rocks with the Taste

The Taste of Hawai'i is Kauai's signature annual event sponsored by the Kapaa Rotary club taking place each year on the first Sunday in June. 
Taste is not only the ultimate
Sunday brunch but one of the best
parties on  earth! 

The Taste is billed as the ultimate Sunday brunch with over 40 chefs strutting their signature dishes, 15 plus beer, wine and soft drink beverage vendors, Ten plus musical bands, from rock' roll to Big band, a silent auction and He fat Shaved ice all on one of the most beautiful properties on the island of Kauai, Smiths tropical paradise
Taste" is a community event, all profits go towards scholarships for our local youth and fund international projects such as providing safe drinking water and sanitation in schools for people in poverty stricken areas. Kapa'a Rotary rocks each year with the Taste!
It's a bird, it's plane, wait, it's a drone
photographing the Taste!

This years 27th annual Taste of Hawaii had a  bride and groom celebrating their reception. What a great idea! We were even spied on by a drone photographing the event.  
Photographer extraordinaire Dennis Fujimoto
of The Garden Island news, takes notes
for his cover story on the newly married
couple, Mr. & Mrs. Turner.

Former Taste of Hawaii President  Katerina Norman had her 4 day old baby with her .  I could kick myself in the okole for not photographing her.   'Ho'omaika'i 'ana' ,Mazol Tov and Congratulations to the Normans.

This Taste like all Tastes was unique in personality, but one thing that never changes is the most amazing  grindz from 5 star chefs from all over Hawaii...
Bistro chef grilling the Ono Ribs!

 Does life get any better than this? 
Grilled St. Louis ribs, slow cooked,
 smothered with a secret recipe
 of pineapple BBQ sauce?

The Bistro restaurant in Kilauea had  the best ribs on the planet,slow cooked, grilled St. Louis ribs smothered with a secret recipe of pineapple BBQ sauce.
The Fairmont Kea Lani in Maui had   the longest lines for their outrageously delicious Ebi Tempura Musubi.
The Ebi Tempurura musubi was one
of the most delicious entrees!

My  other favorite on this hot Sunday was a simple shaved ice with natural organic toppings topped with vanilla on a super fine crushed ice. This shave ice was  like no other shaved ice on the planet, not the normal sugar syrup shave ice, but a  fresh healthy treat made by Hee Fat of Kapaa.
Hee Fat shave ice artist putting
the finishing touches on
the most amazing shaved ice
on the planet!

If you are a food connoisseur, this is the one place you should go every year, if nowhere else.

My friends joke, but it's true. I am a hermit besides this one event. I live for this one event. See you all next year, same time same station!

Cafe organic strutting the best and smoothest
 iced coffee and Kale salad.
For the complete photo gallery of the Taste of Hawaii 2015 click on the link below;

Steve Saylor and Bettejo Dux
discussing world affairs at the
27 annual Taste of Hawaii.
The Coconut wireless is
reporting Ms. Dux was
the best dressed at the event.

Last year I had a flip cam that I bought on closeout at Costco for only $25.00 and wound up getting it on KHON T.V.  with Joe Moore's nightly news out of Honolulu. Check it out. I was amazed what the guys in editing did with my video from a flip cam. Here it is. 

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Hana Hou, (Encore) Shared From Facebook

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