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Monday, July 6, 2015

Giving back to my country... 'James "kimo" Rosen' (Kimo's world#78)

James "Kimo"Rosen is a retired Professional
 Photographer living on theGarden island
 of Kaua'i with his best friend Obama Da Dog.

Kimo's World #78
Giving back to my country

 I do not talk about this but much but I have been a proud  member of United States selective service system board  for the last 13 years. 
  In the event of a national emergency I need to  be prepared to implement an Alternative Service Program for registrants classified as conscientious objectors.
What happens should the military draft be reinstated some day? If the military  draft is ever reinstated I am  prepared along with 11,000 other US  citizens whom volunteer to hear  and listen as to why  a potential draftee considered a conscientious objector should have to serve or be deferred.

I represent my zip code of 96746. Every Zip code in our country has a local board.My zip code represents Region 3 which is  responsible for more than half of the geographic area of the United States, 

Board members undergo an initial 8-hour training session and then participate in annual training in which they review sample cases similar to real-life situations.

I originally volunteered and got accepted because it meant one free round trip to Honolulu  every year  to go over the material we need to know and keep our skills sharp even though we currently have an all volunteer military. However in 2008 when the recession hit hard the trips were cancelled in lieu of a once a year home study by DVD.

Ever since 1976 there has been an all volunteer military in the US. This means only a small portion of the population serves their country. During prior wars like Vietnam, Korea and the World wars there was a draft which got everyone involved. Nowadays the only people involved are those who volunteer and since the numbers are down many enlisted serve multiple deployments.

Some say a draft system is better, it get's the whole country interested and involved since everyone over 18 can potentially be drafted, rich and poor are both involved. Now a good part of the population doesn't even know  why or where we're fighting.
This famous poster
was used to recruit
 soldiers for both World
 War I and World War II.

I believe a military draft will come back  in the near future. I believe the draft makes for a more patriotic country. Young, old, rich and poor are all involved whereas with an volunteer army it's mainly poor people whom want future benefits.

Imagine a time comes when people stop enlisting or we are in a major war and need millions more to help? This is why every adult male at the age of 18 is required to register for the draft even during volunteer times.

My job should there ever be a draft is to determine if conscientious objectors should get out of serving after  we hear them out and they submit the appropriate paper work.

I came very close to serving my country as a young man. I had actually gone through all the procedures, physical, written test, talking to a recruiter. I had passed everything and was about to walk into the oath room when my father came running in from his nearby office and asked the Sergeant in charge if I could put serving off  for a few months..The sergeant said "as long as you son has not taken the oath he is not officially in the army.
Another famous army poster
for  reenlistment

I still wonder what would had been if my father had got stuck in traffic that day. I missed the opportunity   to serve back in 1974. I have always wanted to be part of the military and being a selective service board  member has made it possible for me to give back to my country. 

Read more about the selective service system of which I am a volunteer board member;

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Ron "Martini" Ostroff said...

Funny story. I applied for CO at my draft board in 1969. Was rejected. What happened next I will tell you in person

KimoRosen said...

Why not share the story so others can enjoy too! either way can't wait to hear the story and see you.

Bettejo Dux said...

Love it...

Bettejo Dux said...

Kimo, is this you? Did you write this? No wonder I love you. Peace and love and big kisses to Obama.

Chester "Unc" Lau said...

Shalom Rabbi: >:D< good one,

Thank you for your selective service duty to our country ,it a fair way for All citizens to participate for the defense of their country,I FAVOR that we should reinstate the SELECTIVE SERVICE SYSTEM to replenish our military forever like Switzerland that ALL ABLE BODY MALE & FEMALE SERVE THEIR MILITARY OBLIGATIONS !!! resulted that for centuries Switzerland have no wars from invaders nor do they invade others for OIL PROFITS from corrupt politicians for profits !!!

We should have the Selective Service in the George W.Bush's administration on the Iraq/Afghan wars !!! The wars still going on under Barack Obama with out it !!!

PS=Switzerland citizen soldiers took their weapons home sans ammunition ,ammunition will be issued at instant mobilization time.

KimoRosen said...

Mahalos Unc, and thank you for your service in Korea too!

Diana LaRussa said...

Ha, my brother applied for CO status and was rejected during the Vietnam War. His last ditch attempt at avoiding the draft was to tattoo fuc* you on his saluting hand verses running off to Canada. If anyone knew him, they knew he'd be a lousy serviceman. Total wimp.

KimoRosen said...

does he still have the tattoo?

Diana LaRussa said...

He never got it bc when his number was picked for the draft it was not one of the ones who would never have been drafted. Lucky for him. I used to think my brother was so cool, we'd go to war demonstrations at UB .

KimoRosen said...

people change, we are not who we once were, yet we will always be the same... wink emoticon

KimoRosen said...

I qualified for the last year they had the lottery draft, my number was like 364, I wasn't going to be drafted, yet I still wanted to join... wink emoticon

Diana LaRussa said...

You were not one I'd have thought to 'join', that was a best kept secret. And you possibly would have left me a war widow . (Sad face)

KimoRosen said...

We were already out of Vietnam and I wanted to join for the 2 year option for ironically artillery in Hawaii. We were not a couple at the time, so even If I had croaked, you would not had been a widow. wink emoticon

Diana LaRussa said...