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Monday, January 11, 2016

Happy 7th Anniversary to dakinetalk blog~In memory of Dr. Gary Blaich! 'Kimo's world #107'

James Kimo Rosen is the Blogger-n-chief
of dakinetalk blog and lives on the cosmic
island of Kaua'i with his spiritual advisor
Obama Da Dog!  

Kimo's World #107
~Happy 7th Anniversary Dakinetalk blog~
~In memory of Dr. Gary Blaich~

I went to pay my rent at the bank and a woman stopped me and asked," are you Kimo?"

I am, why? She proceeded to tell me that she was really taken over a blog which also appeared as an opinion piece in The Garden Island news. I wrote about her dad, Dr. Gary Blaich back in 2010.


Her dad was my shrink for a couple years before he passed away.

 I lived outdoors and had a different lifestyle, a few medical professionals wanted me to see a  a professional therapist

Dr. Gary Blaich came to my outdoor living facility , consisting of two tents, one tent I lived in and one tent was used as a decoy to keep others from camping near me. Dr. Blaich actually thought it was pretty cool, but was concerned with my numerous medical issues that living outdoors would eventually take it's toll...

Dr. Blaich on his own went to the housing authority where I currently live and pleaded with them to get me  placed on top of the waiting list, within 3 weeks I was called with an apartment to move into.

I would like this 7th anniversary blog to be dedicated to the memory of Dr. Gary Blaich.

The enclosed is a blog I wrote shortly after he passed. This blog was why his daughter came up to me, to tell me she was so touched by my words. It's moments like that that make blogging and writing worthwhile, when somebody is touched in the heart by what you write.

 A Big Mahalo Nui Loa to all the supporters, both readers and guest bloggers of  the 1697 blogs in 7 years.  To Obama Da Dog, that  always waits patiently for a walk while I type...

...And again, Thank you Dr. Blaich, RIP my friend.
~Dr. Gary Blaich~

Read the blog  and newspaper opinion article from December 15, 2010 that was written from my heart and cherished by Dr. Blaich's daughter.

My Doctor and friend
My home on and off for many years...
Living outdoors for numerous years with multiple medical complications was taking it's toll.

Dr. Gary Blaich came to visit me at what I called home, which was a tent, clothes line and a single burner propane stove with a makeshift outhouse.
Dr. Blaich made one feel right, you felt good about yourself after talking story with Dr. Blaich. He was the feel good drug within, his presence alone made one feel like life was worth living.

Dr. Blaich's office was a small one room place, he was a one man band, being the receptionist, secretary, manager and resident Psychiatrist. The waiting room consisted of a few benches outside in the elements of fresh air and open sky with the aroma of plumeria from potted plants encompassing his office.

He listened to every one's demons even while going through radiation and chemotherapy. He was there for his patients. It gave one a humbling experience releasing your quandaries in therapy with a man braving a terminal illness. I am not a hugging type of person, however Dr. Blaich and myself always ended our sessions with a hug.

Dr. Blaich, OK, Gary, passed away on Thanksgiving day, such an appropriate day for man with so much character and empathy.

My doctor , my friend, your legend lives on.

your friend, your patient. Aloha Kakou, Mahalo Nui Loa and A Hui Hou.

I was hoping somewhere along the way someone would had discovered this blog and offered  a large ransom to compile a book of the best of dakinetalk.

This has not happened yet, however it  doesn't hurt to dream...

James "Kimo" Rosen High school senior portrait,1973.
back then everyone knew me as Jim Rosen or J.R.

Blog #1, 'The Bus Ride From Hell' appeared on January 7, 2010 

The Bus Ride From Hell

The 11:00 o'clock bus had 2 bikes, two bikes is the maximum the Kauai Bus can accommodate, therefore I missed my bus, I did a few errands and waited for the 12:00 o'clock bus, my bike and I got on board this time in hopes of making it to the doctors office on time.

From Kojima store to Brick oven pizza a normal 10 minute bus ride took almost one hour.I started feeling nauseous, I had the drive heaves, the bus was literally at a standstill across from the Coconut market place, I asked the driver if i could please get off since I was about to loose my insides, she said it's illegal, I asked her if she would please call her dispatch, she complied and dispatch told her she could not let me off until the next designated bus stop at Brick oven pizza, which was a grueling 30 minute drive, something that normally is done in 2-3 minutes.

I pleaded with the driver to call back to dispatch, the driver called again and here is what dispatch told us, I could not get off unless we called emergency 911 and then it would had been a real mess in an already bumper to bumper traffic situation for everyone. Luckily I just had the dry heaves' but being on a bus in traffic, that is going at a snails pace and feeling sick as a dog with no fresh air, (since windows are not allowed to be open on the bus), is an experience I would not wish on anybody, unless of course that somebody is the person behind dispatch.
I never did make it to the doctors that day...

Hana Hou, (Encore) Shared From Facebook


Rema Murphy said...

A beautiful tribute. I remember those days .....when you came over from your tent to my place on Friday nights to watch Survivor. We ARE the survivors, Brother!

KimoRosen said...

Yes, Thank you, that was fun! Survivor is still my favorite show! wink emoticon

Susan Seigel said...


Rick Comstock said...

And to this day.....My friend Kimo pays it forward daily. His humor, compassion and many friendships. Friends from Alaska and family to the east coast. Never a disparaging word. Always a heart to share with all. Thank You Jimbo, and congratulation on the many years of blogging.

Glenn Mickens said...

"I too had the greatest respect and admiration for both Gary and is wife. I did not know him as well as you, Kimo but now I know what other fine things he did and even more impressed. What a great job he did with the Open Space program and I admired him for what he did. "
Glenn Mickens
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