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Thursday, November 10, 2016

"Just Give Trump a Chance..!" 'James "Kimo" Rosen' (Kimo's world, special post election edition #156)

James "Kimo" Rosen is a retired professional photographer
 and amongst other things lived in a tent outdoors for 7 years.
Rosen currently resides on the tropical island of Kaua'i
with his best friend and spiritual adviser Obama Da Dog!
Possibly soon to be "Ivanka Da Dog!" ;-)
Kimo's world special post election edition #156~Blog #1859

All We Are Saying Is Just Give Trump a Chance!

President elect Trump is not in office yet, the election is not even 24 hours old and people are protesting around the country.

I can not say the pizza is no good if I have not tasted it?

I can  not I say my girlfriend is no good in bed if we never went to bed together?

I can not say the movie sucks if I never saw the movie?

America needs to give President elect Trump a chance. 

The liberals are the most intolerant alleged tolerant people I have ever seen.

Remember John Lennon's song, "Give peace a chance?"

I say to all the protesters who are protesting nothing thus far;

"GIVE TRUMP A CHANCE!" (Song to the tune of Give peace a chance)(substitute Trump for Peace!)  Click on Youtube below!
All we are saying is give peace a chance  (substitute Trump for Peace!)
All we are saying is give peace a chance 

"Let me tell you now
Ev'rybody's talking about
Revolution, evolution, masturbation,
Flagellation, regulation, integrations,
Meditations, United Nations,
John Lennon

You may be surprised how much you like his America.

Wait until he's actually President and acts on policy to see if you like it or not before  protesting and acting like an idiot.

I guarantee if Hillary had won that us Trump supporters would had accepted concession and moved on. How ironic. 

Breaking News;
  Less than 24 hours after winning election! Not even swore in as President and relations are already better with Russia because of President elect Trump!
Putin's FIRST statement on Trump win - Russia is ready and willing to restore full relations with the US!
(Check out the YouTube below)
All We Are Saying Is Give Trump a Chance!
And again to President elect Trump, Mazol Tov, Ho'omaika'i 'Ana, Congratulations!

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Hana Hou, Encore!


Douglas Dunn said...

Sorry, Kimo, I cannot agree.
Trump — the guy who whined about a rigged election and withheld his commitment to honor the results — “won” despite getting FEWER VOTES than the “loser.” Democrats had more popular vote for President, Senate and House but will not win any of them.

Presidency: For the second time in 16 years (two out of the last five elections), the person with the most popular votes does not win the Presidency.

Senate: The Senate stays Republican, even though there were more votes for Democratic senate candidates (because the senate is weighted in favor of small population states).

House: The House stays Republican, even though there were more votes for Democratic house candidates (because of gerrymandering).

No, I do not respect or accept a government in which every elected branch is now controlled by the party that got fewer votes in each of them.

Douglas Dunn said...

Does anyone honestly believe that if Trump had won the popular vote but lost the electoral college that he would graciously agree to honor the results of the election?

Does anyone seriously respect the fact that the same racist Republicans who obstructed every action or appointment or proposal from Obama for eight years are now calling on everyone to come together in unity and support them, now that they have “won” an election despite having FEWER votes for president, senate and house because of a rigged system that is weighted in favor of states with smaller populations?

Douglas Dunn said...

Trump has zero experience in any aspect of public policy — government, military, civil service — of any kind, the first time this has ever happened in our nation’s history.

The only experience Trump has is inheriting a fortune from Daddy, cheating people, scamming people and proving to be a con man who preyed on victims who made the mistake of trusting him.

His entire campaign was based on racism, sexism, misogyny and unprecedented vulgarity and viciousness and no decent person can just roll over and accept that.

Sorry, but we are all now enrolled (against our will) in Trump University.

Linda Meyers said...

If I can see the pizza has a pile of poop on it, I don't need to taste it...

Jean Bornell said...

I unfriended you

Linda Gross said...

By making the statement that liberals are the most intolerant people you have ever seen - you are doing exactly what you accuse the protestors of. It is our right as citizens to protest!! It is your right to love your new president- it is my right not to! Does not mean I'm not giving him a chance! It means I do not like the hatred he has fueled in this country!!

Linda Gross said...

Perhaps if people in Germany had protested when Hitler came to power - he wouldn't have been able to do what he did!! Instead of after the fact saying they had no idea what was going on!!!

Ronald Winner · said...

"Protests only work if human rights have been violated.
Protesting for not getting your way is just crying!" (Meme)

Steve Eayrs said...

If they want to protest for change, maybe they need to turn their sights on the press... They built one person out to be great and the other to be a totally deprived derelict pervert.... They did not just report, they promoted their candidate, twisted the story to fit whatever side that station blatantly supported, pulled words out fo context, simple erratic arm gesters while speaking became someone mocking the handicap, and on and on.... We elected a non professional politician, who didn't pay attention to the catch phrases that the real pros never stated on camera, didn't cater to the PC world and all its little pet projects. I truly believe this was more of a vote against what we didn't want to see in office, than anything else.. We might actual get something real out of all this rather than just PC crap......and the entitled generation will hopefully stop the pouting and actually get a job, involve themselves in helping their neighbor and quit this childish tantrum because they didn't get a trophy. No one owes you anything...

Linda Gross-reply to Ronald Winner said...

That's not why they are protesting!! And under Trump human rights will be violated!!

Linda Gross said...

O boy - now you don't want a free press? I resent you saying I'm the entitled generation and should get a job!!! I am 66 years old & have worked my entire life & I'm still working part time!!! I am the one paying for every one!!!

Ronald Winner said...

How do you know. He's not even president and your speculating. Get a grip.

Jason Gross said...

Enjoy your fascism. Russia and Putin have a useful idiot in Trump. He's a dolt with no curiosity or integrity. I can not look up to a con artist.

Anonymous said...

You sure hit the nail on the head with "the most intolerant tolerant people" Kimo! Remindes me of Pete A defending the vandalism of a Trump sign. HE went from a logical guy to a sad disappointment very fast. Along with many other so called "tolerant" fellow Kauains. The 8:36 commenter above is a great example.

I have so many things going wrong in my life right now and this election is the only bright thing going on other than faith in god and my best friend my wife.

This thing about being a racest if you are a Trump supporter is starting to piss me off. This new wave progressive liberal tactic of ignorantly calling people racest that disagree with you is strangely racest like! Like saying we need a woman just because she is a woman so the "glass ceiling " can finally be shattered! It mattered not that Clinton was one of the most in your face arrogant liars in modern politics. And I will be called a Misogynist for saying that. The Irony is rich.

Thanks for the blog my brave man. And give Ivanka a treat for me!

Steve Eayrs to Linda Gross said...

Wasn't pointing this at you...

Steve Eayrs said...

You all seemed to do just fine with the last guy who sat in that seat and did little of what he said he would. With this guy we just have to wait and see.

Janie Quigley-Miller said...

I agree Steven, people need to grow up! We have spoken, now give him a chance.

Douglas Riemann said...

...I would had protested in 2008 and 2012, but...sadly I had a job...

Linda Gross said...

Because when he incites crowd to yell lock her up - and he approves - that in itself is a violation of our rights as American s !! See, in this country you can't just lock someone up - & that's just one example!!!

Steve Eayrs said...

You might want to listen to what the protester are chanting.. and all while they block traffic for the rest of the citizens who are headed to their jobs, schools, etc.. "lock her up" are kind words in comparison.. No ones rights have been violated...yet.... Give the guy a chance... I bet most of his words will end up being seen as just political posturing during a heated season.....The present protesters have no basis for real complaint yet are free to do so as long as they don't trample on everyone elses rights and stuff in the process... I'd be a bit ticked right now if I had to drive somewhere and people blocked the road for hours....ironically because they think they stand for freedom.

Linda Gross said...

that "guy" has done more for this country than the last few presidential combined! He had to do it with congress obstructing his every move!!

Linda Gross said...

No one is accusing all Trump supprters of being racist!!! However / stop playing the "victim card"

Glenn Mickens-by email said...

Yes, Kimo, Donald will now get his chance to do the things he promised his backers that he was going to do if he were President---build that wall that Mexico will pay for; deport 11 million people that "do not" belong here; do away with Obama care that 20 million people have that never had insurance before; stop going after climate change that he says is a joke but 90 some nations in the world say it is real; stop muslims from coming to the US and so many other promises that he made. Saying that people like McCain are not heroes since they got shot down and spent many years in a prison camp; or mimicking a disabled person!!!!!!!!
Yes, he will get his chance but I would not want to bet that he will ever be able to accomplish any of them.
Your blogs were pretty much against Trump---I think that Doug Dunn said what most of us who opposed Trump believe.

And, again, Kimo our system is what it is and thus it gives people the right to elect whoever they want. And it makes it possible for people like you and me to remain friends no matter how we might disagree. Basically you could print nothing but the "good" in Trump since it is your blog but you are being truly democratic and posting both sides of the story---mahalo,

Keep up the fine work.


Roger Dean said...

Jim, Let me help you with a couple of your questions...1) If everything about a pizza looks wrong and smells wrong, don't even bite into it, let alone swallow it...2) If your girlfriend is vulgar, orange, self absorbed, sleeps around and mocks people, you're gonna get hurt if you get into bed with her...3) If a movie trailer is showing one story, but the soundtrack is telling a completely different story, why pay a steep price to see how the mess turns out? ---Now, imagine being stuck with the above pizza, girlfriend and movie for 4 years! :O Yowzers!
Like · Reply · Just now

Talon said...

Hi Glenn you ole Bear kicker!

Thanks for taking this on the chin like a man that kicks bears in the "oh nads " should sir!

When you were saying the other day that President Obama should be on Mt. Rushmore ,,,,, well,,,, I thought you were going to take this (election results) hard and be rudely vocal!

Thanks for not doing that Glenn, I really do look up to you and now more than ever.

Please keep up your "watchdogin" for us. If Trump goes haywire, I'll be right along with you in holding paws tothe fire!

YOU keep up the fine work also Mr. Mickens sir.