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Friday, April 7, 2017

"The Power of the Kosher Deli..." 'Judith Whitehead' (Inspiration Friday)

Judith Whitehead lives in Amherst New York
( A suburb of Buffalo, N.Y.)
 and has worked in the ophthalmology
 field of medicine for nearly 40 years

The Power of the Kosher Deli

We always look forward to our trips to California; not only do we get to visit with our son, but we also get to delight in some delicious deli food. Here in Buffalo, the kosher-like deli has basically fallen by the wayside. Yes since the wonderful Mastmans' closed up many years ago, there has been nothing
like it to fill its shoes. Open from early am to late afternoon the soup was always “on”.
Judy and Steve enjoy
entertaining friends with
Jewish style deli 

I have begun to realize that even more than the great smells produced in the deli such as the half sour pickles and seasoned corned beef – it is the draw of the people who support the deli that is an even bigger draw.

Unlike Buffalo, Los Angeles still has the population to support many delis. At any given time of the day you will find people schmoozing in groups, families and elders gathering to enjoy the great food. It is the combination of “family” that frequent the deli with their stories and comradery  that make it such
Besides Deli, Judy enjoys visiting
with her son Joel during
her recent sojourn to
California.  We hear Joel
is doing great
after a recent heart attack.
Thank God!

an inviting place to eat. It is a common gathering place of the Jews to share stories and enjoy the old world recipes that awaken the feelings of the “good ole days” when life was simple and families were close and lived close by to each other. 

Jewish food, although not the healthiest food on earth, is comfort food in every sense of the word. Who doesn't long for a hot bowl of matzo ball soup filled with thin noodles and chicken scraps. Yes it may be clogging the arteries as it goes down but it warms the “heart and soul” in ways that cannot be replicated.
Judy was hungry and had to eat
part of that matzo ball
before photographing the bowl
of soup. Was it worth it, we asked?
She only gave us an
encouraging smile!

 Our mothers and grandmothers made chopped
liver as a staple to a Friday night dinner-no longer is this the case. Those Sabbath dinners were the culmination of a hard working week and brought warmth to the dinner table.

The smells of all those foods being prepared in the old Kosher delis as I walk in always bring a smile to my face and comfort to my soul. During this recent trip to California, we returned to our favorite deli Morts' that is still located in the town of Tarzana as it has been for the last 60 years.
 The same menu
Judy again was hungry and had to
take a bite of that corned beef
sandwich before photographing it.
Her husband Steve ate the other half
before she could get her iPhone
camera out.  ;-)

prevails and the portions still mega big; we feel we must split a sandwich – mostly because we can't eat the portions that we used to and also from the guilt of eating the heavy food. The smell of the fresh corned beef sandwich calls to me from the moment we walk in and I must have one.

To make matters worse- the deli is connected to a kosher bakery filled with delicacies beyond ones wildest dreams and I must stand in the middle of the place for a few minutes to take in the smells. A plate of Mandel bread samples call to me and I let it melt in my mouth as I chose what to buy for later to snack on.
If you are ever in Tarzana
California place a visit to
Morts Deli, tell em
Judy sent you! And
you read about them in
dakinetalk blog! ;-)

We couldn't leave without buying a loaf of corned rye bread to stuff in the suitcase; they don't make those in this area, as well as cake- like bagels.

Maybe it is just as well that these delis aren't that close by as I would find it hard to control myself and would visit too frequently. As I sparingly eat the food we brought back from our trip I will look forward to my summer trip to re-stock both my yearn for pickled food smells and the Jewish people kibitzing that make me feel at home.

Hana Hou, (Encore)

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