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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Put babies, sick people in back of the plane...

Put babies, sick people in back of the plane

When flying I always get seated next to the person coughing, sniffing or holding a screaming baby.

On a recent trip to Honolulu I was so happy that the seat next to me was open. I was in the aisle seat. It was 30 seconds before the door closed and a standby passenger came on -- the biggest, fattest guy and coughing up a storm. I freaked; not one empty seat, and me, the germaphobe, having to sit next to this guy.

On my return, there was one crying baby on the whole flight -- in the seat right behind me.

The airlines need to have a baby and child section, so everyone with screaming kids is all together, preferably in the last five rows of the airplane. Why should people with babies and kids get premium seats? It's not fair to the people next to them.

There should be another two rows reserved for coughers and people with fevers. They should be required to wear surgical masks, as sick people do in Japan.

I plead with the airlines to start a baby/child/sick person section in the last rows of the airplanes. Your baby might be cute to you, but it ain't cute to others.

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