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Monday, February 6, 2017

"America's second civil war has begun..." 'James "Kimo" Rosen' (Kimo's world #170)

James "Kimo" Rosen is a retired professional photographer
 and amongst other things lived in a tent outdoors for 7 years.
Rosen currently resides on the tropical island of Kaua'i
with his best friend and spiritual adviser Ivanka Da Dog!

Kimo's world's #170~Blog #1896
This blog  also appeared as a guest column 

America's second civil war has begun

 People have had political differences before, but never anything  of the likes of what is happening all over America.

The new civil war in America is not Southern states against Northern states, rather has friend against friend and family member against family member.America's second civil war has begun, don't expect it to stop any time soon. 

Last week  two of my friend's posts on Facebook said they had they had to unfriend  people they saw unfit to continue being friends with because of their energy and political beliefs.  These friends are educated people with college degrees.

One left wing friend said, "I am proud of myself because I finally just deleted four people off my friend list. Normally I am working to be extremely tolerant of other people and their views."

Another right wing friend said, "I've never unfriended or unfollowed a person but today is the last straw. I'm thinning the herd of intolerant, hateful and extreme people. To the person that unfriended me today, unfriending people won't help you with your hate."

I tell my friends that are experiencing all this unfriending, Welcome to my world! I was hoping things would mellow after the election--they have only gotten worse and seem to be getting progressively more damaging on a daily basis.

My relatives constantly send me articles telling me what a terrible man Trump is, even after telling them please do not send me any articles. They think Kaua'i is a third world country and  I do not get news here. They do not realize I have an internet connection and publish a daily blog and am a political junkie that reads numerous newspapers every day online including my favorite newspaper, The Garden Island news!

The day after President Trump took office there was a woman's protest that according to a recent guest column in the Garden Island news penned by Janos Keoni Samu were over  56 different demands or protest themes on signs, against the new American president who had been in office for less than a full day after having been elected democratically by the American voters and the electoral college. The Protesters never gave the man a chance.

President Trump could find a cure for Aids and the left would would call it a fraud and say he was only doing for his own pocket book. No matter what President Trump does to try and protect America he will be ridiculed every step of the way by a very angry and hysterical left that never got over losing the election. 

Some say biblical prophecy is upon us and we are living in the end of times. Along with many others I believe America is  currently engaged in it's second civil war and it's called the 
 book of Revelations and is actually happening right now.

May God help us all!
This blog  also appeared as a guest column 
in the February 4, 2017 edition of the Garden Island news! Only difference was the paper ended with May God bless us all, the blog ended with May God help us all.

I heard on a joke on the Jimmy Kimmell late night show. They interviewed Melania Trump and asked her if she missed "The Donald." She said not really because she keeps a nice 8x10 photo of him on her night stand. They then asked the President the same, if he missed the first lady-- he answered of course not, I also keep a beautiful 8x10 portrait of
 myself on my night stand too!

 Hana Hou, Encore!

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Melinda Kontos said...

I have been thinking that all along...the prophecy from 8 years ago to 'fundamentally change the United States of America' has occurred...so sad and frankly very troubling.

KimoRosen said...

Check out the comments that appeared with the Garden Island news reprint of this blog, all positive, very surprised? click on blog to find link to Garden Island link. ;-)

Janie Quigley-Westerhout said...

Some good comments in paper!

KimoRosen said...

i couldn't believe it? I usually get get beat up pretty bad in TGI? ;-)

Anonymous said...

I heard on a joke on the Jimmy Kimmell late night show. They interviewed Melania Trump and asked her if she missed the Donald. She said not really because she keeps a nice 8x10 photo of him on her night stand. They then asked the President the same, if he missed the first lady-- he answered of course not, I also keep a beautiful 8x10 portrait of myself on my night stand too!

Ron (Martini) Ostroff said...

No civil war. Overexposure to 24-7 pseudo news networks magnifies everything. There always had been a deep divide in the US. It just is over reported and exaggerated more than ever

Susan Brooks Storm said...

Very sad state of affairs. This rift is about morality - not politics - and at least people can have a voice and an influence on our government. Peace.

first 4 comments in Garden Island News said...

homesick posted at 7:13 am on Sat, Feb 4, 2017.
homesickPosts: 10
Very well written, Kimo. I admire your lack of explatives in describing the criminal protesters who disregard facts and the US Constitution. Protesters bent on causing mayhem have no regards for law and order. Several politicians holding office are showing their childish political sides. Shameful behavior but at least they found something to do as elected officials; oppose all that is good for America.
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Excom posted at 6:28 am on Sat, Feb 4, 2017.
ExcomPosts: 27
Good Post. I have similar problem. My stance supporting Trump got lots of confused haters acting like 6 year olds "I won't be your friend anymore !"
It is kind like watching prophecy unfold right before our eyes , no ?
Pray they may come out of their delusions , they are after all our friends.
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Macdadster posted at 6:23 am on Sat, Feb 4, 2017.
MacdadsterPosts: 31
What people like Mr. Rosen seem to ignore, is that all of this vitriol was started by Trump, himself. During his campaign, Trump egged on followers to attack those who disliked him. He made it clear that he was against minorities and has made white supremacy mainstream, which has resulted in a string of hate crimes across the country. The problem is not with the people of this country, it is with the fear and hate being spread by Trump and his administration.
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billyjoebob posted at 3:15 am on Sat, Feb 4, 2017.
billyjoebobPosts: 1428
Facebook = Time toilet
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5-8 comments in Garden Island News said...

The Soros funded political left has gone off the rails.
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John Zwiebel posted at 1:06 pm on Sat, Feb 4, 2017.
John ZwiebelPosts: 2484
Yes "civil war" which has been fought my entire life as those with lots of money try to figure out how to take it from those who have little.
I'll let Senator Patrick Leahey talk about giving Trump "a chance":

"The President's hostility toward the rule of law is not just embarrassing, it is dangerous. He seems intent on precipitating a constitutional crisis. He fired the nation's top law enforcement official for recognizing that his so-called 'travel ban' was indefensible. It is in fact an arbitrary and shameful attempt to discriminate against Muslims. Last year, he made baseless accusations and attacked a federal judge because of his ethnic heritage. And now he is attempting to bully and disparage yet another federal judge -- this one appointed by a Republican President and confirmed by a Republican Senate -- for having the audacity to do his job and apply the rule of the law.
"We need an Attorney General, like Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, willing to lose his or her job to do the right thing. And we need a nominee for the Supreme Court willing to demonstrate he or she will not cower to an overreaching executive. This makes it even more important that Judge Gorsuch, and every other judge this president may nominate, demonstrates the ability to be an independent check and balance on an administration that shamefully and harmfully seems to reject the very concept."
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read more (about 4 more lines)
mrb posted at 8:36 am on Sat, Feb 4, 2017.
mrbPosts: 161
It has become increasingly difficult to ascertain what is "truth" as opposed to what is "slanted" news reports; or whether "history is repeating itself" in the ways leaders are able to "take control and be in charge" of the destinies of the whole human race! Time will tell!
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Kuaina posted at 8:02 am on Sat, Feb 4, 2017.
KuainaPosts: 984
The very people who claim to be tolerant and accepting are proving that they are neither. They claim they are for free speech yet think it is perfectly okay to silence their opposition. They are exposing themselves as bitter, hateful and intolerant people. The childish response of "Trump started the vitriol first" is typical. They ignore the hate and physical violence from the left directed at Trump and his supporters throughout the campaign. Kimo is right, the civil war has begun. My belief is that it will end badly for those that seek to undermine and destroy a duly elected president.

comments 9-10 in Garden Island News said...

Well done, Kuaina. I live in Union City, California where all gas stations are owned by Middle Easterners (ME's) who immigrated to USA after the war in Iraq. They also have grocery stores and restaurants, airport shuttles and taxi companies, many employed in banks, hospitals as nurses and doctors (my primary doctor at Kaiser Hospital is Indian) DMV, etc. Several mosques and schools. MY town and two neighboring towns are full of ME's. They are smart and support each other and employ only their own citing language barriers as a convenience. No one attacks them even in schools where they are allowed to wear their berkahs (sp). Their successes are to be envied. My granddaughter attends a highly rated and successful private school where ME children is 95%. The negative side is they disregard driving rules; using cell phones, stop their car 2 and 3 lengths behind a car at traffic signals, etc. In a new housing development in my town 42 of the 48 million dollar homes were bought by ME's. So where is the hate for muslims coming from? Not once did I hear Trump say negatives about them. He is within the law to "temporarily" ban ME's from entering the US. BTW, those with green cards and citizens are exempt from the TB. The list of 7 countries Trump listed were the same ones listed by Barrack Obama. The medias are misleading the listeners from facts by substituting words. BTW, the protesters at UC Berkeley were behaving but the protests were turned into mayhem by a group of hired protesters who were dressed in black like ninjas and carried weapons and hammers to break glass windows and started a big fire...none were students. In short I find it hilarious and entertaining when they call Trump a hater of Muslims and protest with mayhem. Mo funny when dey no can even tell Alaska and Hawaii are states. Funny kine people who no can think for themselves without the cell phone or ipad, no? BTW, I grew up in Waimea, Kauai and stayed California when pau Army. I was stationed in Germany during the Berlin wall construction...1961. As why hard.
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read more (about 7 more lines)
homesick posted at 7:23 am on Sun, Feb 5, 2017.
homesickPosts: 10
Don't know where or how you interpreted President Trumps campaign as "Promoting white supremacy", Macdadster. What part of "Make America Great Again" and "Americans First" don't you understand? This Trump presidency is historical. Delivering his campaign promises, wealthiest and most successful cabinet members, upholding the US Constitution and he happens to be the wealthiest elected president in US history. He will be as good a president as President Ronald Reagan. President Donald Trump is trustworthy. God Bless USA.

Glenn Mickens-by email said...

You are right on target, Kimo, and it really does baffle me that so many people have jumped on the Trump bandwagon that is at the heart of all this turmoil.
Obama did a great job of getting our country going in the right direction from the mess that W left so why let a raving egotistical maniac throw a pipe wrench into it???
Trade wars looming, all the liberties that has made this nation the beacon of the world disappearing and on and on. Over population of the world is one of the biggest factors all of us have to be concerned about and yet Trump wants to do away with family planning and birth control!
Well, I only hope that rational minds will prevail and we do not destroy the progress we have made with other nations And, my friend, you made the right choice by calling your dog Obama and I wish you would keep it at that.

Your pal,

Donald Bowen said...

comunisum and racial divide what planet are you on

Glenn Mickens-by email said...

Thank you again for always printing both sides of this issue---you are the best.
Remember that Trump is one of many nuts who deny that the greatest tragedy in recorded history, the holocaust never happened.
Your pal,

KimoRosen said...

Trump never denied the Holocaust. He did not mention the Jews on Holocaust remembrance day, but never said the Holocaust did not exist. His point being there were other besides the Jews who were exterminated. I don't agree that he neglected to mention the 6 million Jews, however he is not a Holocaust denier. There is a difference.

Horse from TGI comments board said...

Mr. Rosen, listen to your relatives, because they’re right.
Here is a man who falsely accuses state officials of election fraud, when no such evidence exists.
Here is a man who calls the press dishonest for not reporting terrorist attacks that never even happened.
Here is a man who said, “I watched when the World Trade Center came tumbling down where thousands and thousands of people [meaning Muslims] were cheering as the building was coming down. Thousands of people were cheering.” There is absolutely no evidence to back that statement up.
Here is a man who doesn’t let facts get in the way of his twisted narrative. And you want us to give him a chance? Hasn’t he already had his chance?
No, Mr. Rosen, the real danger is people, like you, who want to normalize Donald Trump. We need to own up to the fact that we have elected, not only a pathological liar, but a delusional demagogue to the highest office in the land. And those of us who still believe in Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness need to never acquiesce to this man.

Glenn Mickens-by email said...

You may be right but he is a denier of global warming, rights of immigrants to come in this country, rights to choose and more so not mentioning the greatest disaster in our history on remembrance day does put a label on him, for me, anyway.
And,, you have to agree that no president who ever came into office ever stirred up activism against him the way he has!!!!! At least the 9th circuit gave him a blow today and I think that a lot more negativity towards him is coming.
Just my opinions and you certainly have the right to yours,