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Monday, March 20, 2017

"Trumps vetting good for the dogs, why not people..?" 'James "Kimo" Rosen' (Kimo's world #176)

James "Kimo" Rosen is a retired professional photographer
 and amongst other things lived in a tent outdoors for 7 years.
Rosen currently resides on the tropical island of Kaua'i
with his best friend and spiritual adviser Ivanka Da Dog!
Check out my new Costco hat! 

Kimo's world's #176~Blog #1913
This is why one must fact check the main stream media.
 German Chancellor
 Angela Merkel and 
President Trump shook hands many times during
their recent visit in Washington. Most main stream media outlets
made a big deal that Trump refused to shake hands?
Bottom line during one question and answer session
President Trump did not hear some reporter in the
distance say, "Hey how about a handshake?"
Do not trust the main stream media!
Trump's vetting good for the dogs, why not people?
This blog also appeared  as an opinion article in the March 25, 2017 edition of the Kauai Garden Island News;

 I find it so ironic that in a state where dogs must be quarantined for up to 120 days before  visiting or moving to Hawaii to protect  disease from spreading-- that Hawaii was the first state to sue President Trump over his  revised executive ordered travel ban which bars new visas for people from six predominantly Muslim countries and temporarily shuts down the U.S. refugee program.

Federal judge in Hawaii puts Trump travel ban on hold
 Why does Hawaii have an extreme vetting process for every plant and animal before it can enter the state? I'll answer that myself, to  protect the environment.

The same should hold true for people that come from countries with extreme radical Islamic terrorists. We must vet people too, to keep them from destroying the environment-- the environment being, "We the people."

The liberal progressives insist on protecting the environment, but not its people, go figure?

God Bless all our elected politicians, let there be peace.

This blog also appeared  as an opinion article in the March 25, 2017 edition 
of the Kauai Garden Island News;

Laws for vetting and bringing your dog to Hawaii

Rosen believes the divided
America will heal. The haters will
after time see that Trump truly
created jobs and made America safer.
Give him time!  I hope so?

Hana Hou, Encore!

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Janie Quigley-Westerhout said...


Glenn Mickens-by email said...

Glenn Mickens said by email; Aloha Kimo:

We have a stringent vetting policy now in place and from all I have read and heard, we have had no "immigrate " from any hostile country attack the US from within. Those hostile actions have come from people already here that are citizens so, again, Trump is off base with his policies.

Kimo, he is such a perpetual liar ( ABOUT EVERYTHING!!!) that even if he stumbles onto telling the truth no one will believe him. From Obama being born in Kenya to Obamas wire taping his phone and everything else like the Mexico wall THAT THEY ARE GOING TO PAY FOR.

He is a snake oil peddler first class and is seriously damaging our reputation around the world at being the nation of all who need life liberty and justice for all with his showman like tactics. With all our faults (and we have many that need correcting) we are still the finest nation on this earth and made a huge mistake in getting this psycho maniacal liar to lead this country.

Your pal,

Janie Quigley-Westerhout said...

No comment!

KimoRosen said...


Janie Quigley-Westerhout said...

Staying out of this one! lol

KimoRosen said...

Glenn is respectful and a good debater. He doesn't name call or take thinks personal. That's why I welcome his differing opinions. He doesn't get hysterical and can disagree in a humane way. Go for it! ;-)

KimoRosen said...

Go for it! Glenn's not even on Facebook, So I first have to send what you say anyway.

Carrie Kneubuhl-Eckert said...

Can't disagree more with Glenn. He is way out of the ball park on those comments. I believe where there is smoke there is fire. Trump smells the smoke.

Janie Quigley-Westerhout said...

Carrie said it very well Kimo!

Janie Quigley-Westerhout said...

Two dead in UK from knife attack, Trumps fault! LOL

Melinda Kontos said...

Also they are bringing diseases. .TB measles even polio to name a few.

KimoRosen said...

Yes, for sure.That is all part of "destroying the environment!"

Renee Harden said...

Well said. Btw, we had an "unpublished" epidemic of TB here in Houston. Dozens of wealthy kids were diagnosed. (Origin was Nannies from Central America. That was 20yrs ago, & was privy to Health Care workers!). BTW, A TB TEST IS NOT AN IMMUNIZATION! IT IS A TEST TO SEE IF YOU WERE EXPOSED. The "cure" requires 18 months of specific antibiotic therapy!

KimoRosen said...

Since so many libs have dogs, I decided to write this to try to make them understand extreme vetting to protect the environment, (us.)

Allena Kaplan said...

I've been avidly reading Kimo's blog and find it most interesting. I'm one of his biggest fans.


Chester "Unc" Lau said...

Thank you Rabbi :-)

I always like Bill Maher's comedy & wise cracks & especially that he is not afraid to offend politicians .I will keep this in my treasured Dumpster to review it & laugh from time to time. Too bad that I am totally hearing impaired now and cannot hear the audio,I hope that some one can make a copy in text so I can read it & to know what the world's opinion on Donald Trump.

Please keep on sending me your daily ration of emails to keep my sanity in a Care Home where entertainment is none existent .do keep in touch with Allena Kaplan,my Executor in California if you don't hear from me for weeks or months,she's very good caring and watching me.

For Allena :

James Kimo Rosen is a great writer , an imitation Rabbi & a long time trusted friend deported by Donald Trump's Elective order from NY to Alaska & now to Kauai ,Hawaii to escape the ice & snow to giving the politicians a bad time like me.

Unc C