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Monday, May 22, 2017

"Trump would be wise to resign with dignity..." 'James "Kimo" Rosen' (Kimo's world #187)

James "Kimo" Rosen is a retired professional photographer
 and amongst other things lived in a tent outdoors for 7 years.
Rosen currently resides on the tropical island of Kaua'i
with his best friend and spiritual adviser Ivanka-Obama Da Dog!
Ivanka is her first name and Obama is her last name
she is  a bipartisan dog!

Kimo's world's #187~Blog #1938
Publishers note,
This blog was written with a hint of tongue-n-cheek humor.  ;-)
 Note, currently as of this writing President Trump is on his first overseas sojourn and
is leaving  lucrative and impressive impressions on behalf of our great nation.
James "Kimo" Rosen
Publisher/Blogger-n-chief, dakinetalk blog
 Trump would be wise to resign with dignity

President Trump maybe the most hated president in American history. Since inauguration day there have been scandal after scandal and protests galore.
 Every day morning TV shows on major networks are interrupted  with breaking news, all about the newest Trump scandal of the day.  Some may be warranted and some just witch hunts by the fake media and progressive liberals.

The question I often ask myself is why would anyone want to be president?
You give up so many freedoms. 

President  Obama missed being able to take walks at night.

President Trump misses  driving and going out to eat with family and friends without a huge entourage of secret service.

Basic things like going to the restroom or a personal phone conversation are non-existent.I would have a hard time while doing my personal business in the
morning and having a team of secret service waiting and listening outside the door, it would make it awfully hard to do my business.

"The Donald" proved he could be president!  Many Americans were sick and tired of lying and cheating politicians and were willing and wanting to give an outsider a chance. Trump promised to drain the swamp.   It seems like the swamp is standing room only and is anything but drained?

America can not go on like it is with daily scandals.Every day when I see breaking news interrupt my favorite TV show, my heart goes one step deeper into arrest.  I do not like some of the things Trump has done, however with that said,  I believe he is a better business man than a politician. 

This is what I hope Mr. Trump does before legal proceedings to impeach  him may commence sooner than later.  President Trump should resign with dignity.
His speech could go something like this;

"I am proudly stepping down from the presidency and feel perfectly competent leaving my friend and VP Mike Pence in charge. Mike has learned a lot watching me, the great Trumpster,(sic) The Donald, The Bigly of all Biglies (sic)Now that I have the Republicans back in the white-house, I feel I have accomplished my goal, who ever thought Donald Trump could be president, is that really something?"

"I feel the country will function better with Mike Pence as president , there are too many people on a witch hunt for me and I have already proven all I need to prove. I proved I can be president, there is nothing else to prove. I can go back to living a much more luxurious and comfortable life knowing that I Donald J. Trump accomplished it all."

"One more thing, folks I can't even take a dump without three secret service guys outside the bathroom door listening. If I fart too loud they get alarmed. All my personal freedoms have been stolen since being president. This lifestyle really isn't for me, however I have proven that Donald J. Trump could defeat the Clinton machine and become President. I have appointed Neil Gorsuch to the supreme court and have started the ball rolling on a new health care plan. I feel Mike Pence and a team of his choosing is now capable of continuing in a much less scandal free environment."

"I hereby relinquish and resign my duties as President of the United States of America in dignity to  Mike Pence in return Mike Pence has agreed to pardon any charges that the FBI, fake media or  the witch hunt in Washington may try to throw my way."

"It has been my honor to serve the American people and Mike Pence is now your President. One more thing, Mike if you have any bigly problems you need any consulting on, I will always be a phone call away at the N.Y. state mental hospital. Just kidding, gotcha fake media." 
Donald J. Trump

Please note;
US Congress woman Tulsi Gabbard

on her recent town hall meeting on the sleepy island of Kauai said be careful what you wish for when someone asked about the possibility of the impeachment of President Trump. She insisted America would be sorry because a President Pence would be so much worse?

James "Kimo" Rosen (Jim Rosen back then ) in his portrait studio
Real Life Images-Homer Alaska

Hana Hou, Encore!

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Harmony Bentosino said...

An intriguing article on what may be the best solution to the mess we are in now. As to whether Pence is better or worse, it depends how you look at it. His ideas are more right wing than Trump when it comes to such issues as a woman's right to choose. But at least he is not crazy. Who knew it could come down to choosing between someone whose political beliefs I abhor or someone who is stark raving mad? It is evident to so many who know a bit about psychology that Trump seems to present with narcissistic personality disorder.

KimoRosen said...

Harmony, when Congress woman Tulsi Gabbard had her recent town hall meetings all over Hawaii, one question popped up at each town hall. Does she agree that Trump should be impeached? She emphatically said "NO!" Insisted that no matter how bad you may think a President Trump is, a President Pence would be a total disaster.

Glenn Mickens-by email said...

Very good, Kimo but probably a lot more truth than tongue in cheek in your story!! His house of cards are collapsing and the wisest thing he could do is resign before they all fall on him. Yes, he got his whole egomaniac job started with all its nepotism and conflicts of interests but I am not sure if any of it can be properly unwound until the whole bunch is gone.

Comey is certainly going to want some measure of justice given him after what Trumps "nut case" ramp and I do not know how that will happen. That psychotic liar has done so much damage to our country that it will take a genius to put it all back together.
Your pal,

KimoRosen said...

You must admit Trump is doing great on his over seas trip! Very well received!

Carrie eckert said...

He should not resign. You cannot accept defeat from the stupid news medianand the loonings on the left that really rant and rave. To allow that would be allowing corruption to prevail. He would not leave without a fight. He is doing what is right and no matter what stupid things he may say. Just remember many politicians say stupid things and that is not a reason to step down.

Glenn Mickens-by email said...

Yes, Kimo, Trump is doing all he can on the international stage to look good even though he ripped all of them (except Russia) in his campaign for Pres.
AND, I am sure that a lot of Israel people including Netanyahu will not trust anything he does after giving Russia classified material. Sure, he did not mention the name Israel but by all reports it was the only place that it could have come from so the stupid one messed up again. Even if didn't want to spill the coffee why would he even think of giving classified info to anyone (without permission!!!) particularly the Russians?